Program 1


China / Horror / 15 mins

Director: Yili Li

Writer: Yili Li

Producer: Wenqiang Li

Cast: Sheng Liu

Young Wen's writing dream was shattered because of lack of inspiration. In order to survive, he became the cleaner of an underground hotel. One day, Wen accidentally broke into a guest room with a "Do Not Clean" sign, and he was surprised to discover the secrets hidden by the guests.


United States / Thriller / 19 mins

Director: Usher Morgan

Producer: Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent

Cast: Katie Vincent, Sebastian Arcelus

HomeBound is the story of Jamie Rockwell, a woman burdened by severe agoraphobia. After losing her therapy dog, she must muster the courage within, not only to find her dog, but ultimately, to find herself.

In the company of crows.JPG
In the Company of Crows

United States / Horror / 19 mins

Director: Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

Writers: Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

Producer: Seapoint Studios

Cast: Jacqueline Scholl, Will O'Connor

As a teenage girl with autism, Mira lives a solitary existence with her single mother Evelyn at their lake house. Mira's intense focus on crows and their habits has led to a special bond that outweighs her connection to people. 


Malta / Horror / 8 mins

Director: Susannah Farrugia 

Writer: Susannah Farrugia

Producer: Catherine Colbourne

Cast: Alexandra Dowling, Loren O'Dair

A psychological horror about a novice nun who develops a severe skin condition which continues to worsen along with her mental state as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.