Program 3


Japan / Horror / 16 mins

Director: Kenichi Ugana

Writer: Kenichi Ugana

Producer: Kenichi Ugana

Cast: Shiho, Saki Hirai

Haruka, Nana, and Takanori visit the house of Souta, a band member who has lost contact with them. But Souta's behavior is a little strange.

Waiting for Deading.jpg
Waiting for Deading

United States / Dark Comedy / 28 mins

Director: Paul Sestakov

Writer: Paul Sestakov

Producer: Javier Bonafont

Cast: James C. Leary, Angel Cruz

Two apprentice Grim Reapers are sent on their first assignment, but everything turns from bad to even f-ing worse when this bickering duo stray from the protocol.

What Happened Downstairs2_edited_edited.jpg
What Happened Downstairs?

United States / Horror / 16 mins

Director: Andrew Nisinson

Writers: Andrew Nisinson

Producer: Andrew Nisinson, Meilin Gray

Cast: Meilin Gray

While staying at an Airbnb in upstate New York, Robert and May find themselves in a haunted house. The problem is, they can't remember anything that happens downstairs. Strap in for a horror comedy that bends genre, while embracing its core.