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Program 7
OCTOBER 14, 2:00PM 

The Redeemables 2.jpg
The Redeemables 2

United States / Comedy / 30 mins

Director/Writer: Al Dubinsky

Producer: Billy Pezzollo, Laz Rivero

Cast: Billy Pezzollo, Alexander Reed, Mesha Millington

Based on true events, A naive virgin who inherits a house in New York city seeks out legal and illegal ways of evicting it's non paying tenants who were invited to live there by his love interest, which includes hiring want to be gangsters

Elite Match.jpg
Elite Match

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Kathy Meng

Producer: Joe Kuperschmidt, Kylie Billings

Cast: Rachel Lu, Hana Kim, Eliud Garcia Kauffman

Lily is a Chinese single mother who is online dating. One evening, Lily attends a singles mixer where she is forced to reconcile between her preoccupation with her daughter’s life and her desire to date.

Bygone Spring.jpg
Bygone Spring

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Soo Oh Bang

Producer: Paul-Lou Lemieux

In the quiet dawn of Brooklyn street, a man is running away with a gun wound.

here today_edited.jpg
Here Today

United States / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Derek Delson

Writer: Derek Delson, Isaac Levin-Delson

Producer: Eitan Ehrlich

Cast: Antonio Gordon, Mel McCall, Curtis Phillips

After moving to New York City, Miles must confront his past to pursue his future.


United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Melissa Morales

Producer: Melissa Morales

Cast: Anani Santos, Milagros Colon, Rebecca Escobedo

A coming-of-age story that revolves around Elena, a Latina teen dealing with body image, living in a dysfunctional Latinx household, and finding her own voice and following her dreams amid it all.

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