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Program 7
OCTOBER 22, 4:00PM 

Where It's Beautiful When It Rains.jpg
Where It's Beautiful When It Rains

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Harley Chamandy

Producer: Harley Chamandy, Chantal Chamandy

An eight year old boy is looking for a job in New York City.

Dead Dogs Don't Lie.jpg
Dead Dogs Don't Lie

United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Max Tullio

Producer: Laura Ganotis, Heather Francis

Cast: Shaun Anthony, Lauren McCann

On the way home from another night of drinks at another neighborhood dinner party, Claire and Hugh brutally run over the family dog. While trying to get rid of the body before their daughter April wakes up in the morning, cracks start to reveal themselves in their marriage.

Candied Lips.jpg
Candied Lips

United States / Romance / 7 mins

Director: Hina Effie Ogino

Writers: Chase Markoff

Producer: Chase Markoff

Cast: Chase Markoff, Oliva Knowles

For blue-haired Steve, it's just another day working at his mom's candy store in Montauk. That is, until the girl of his dreams suddenly walks in. Her name is Strawberry; she has red highlights and an edgy sense of style. She doesn’t seem like one for small talk as she walks up to the counter and bluntly asks Steve for skittles, but Steve is visibly rattled by her uniqueness. Strawberry then pulls out a disposable camera and takes a photo of him.


France / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Jasmine Bissete

Producer: Joshua Chun, Maya Hartleben, Sarah Moustakim

Cast: Emie Obry, Lana Obry, Claudia Marie DiGiambattista

1968, Tehran, Iran. When French-Iranian student Niloufar, 10, learns that President Georges Pompidou will visit her school, she devises her own way to make an impression. 

Last Hurrah.jpg
Last Hurrah

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Mia Weinberger

Producer: Mia Weinberger

Cast: Jake Swain, Mia Weinberger

In the final hours of their relationship, long-term couple Emma and Hunter make the most of their time together before she moves away and they separate for good. A bittersweet romcom, "Last Hurrah" is a love letter to the relationships we leave behind.

A Clean Break.jpg
A Clean Break

United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Victor Pigasse

Producer: Manya Glassman, Victor Pigasse

Cast: Sophia Blum, Victor Pigasse, Steve Kidd

A lonely introverted thief breaks into people's houses until he has an unexpected encounter...

Mr. Oberbeck.JPG
Mr. Oberbeck

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Sebastian DiNatale

Writer: Laura Oberbeck

Producer: Laurel Kulow

Cast: Desi Lydic, Laura Oberbeck, Thomas Creel

At her father’s will reading, Sam learns a dark secret about his past. Specifically, he briefly spent time as a CIA agent, tortured and killed a man suspected of treason, and kept this chapter of his life completely hidden from his family.

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