Program 1

Birthday Boy

United States / Sci-Fi / 25 mins

Director: Kamran Rathod

Writer: Kamran Rathod, Nick Chang

Producer: Chris Larsen

Cast: Ranbir Sanghera, Alicia Mason

A man tries to save his relationship in the middle of a global fertility pandemic by stealing the first ever DIY, in-vitro fertilization kit that claims to grow a child in seconds.

Blank Shores.jpg
Blank Shores

United Kingdom / Sci-Fi / 17 mins

Director: Alex Kyrou

Writer: Alex Kyrou

Producer: Clare Shields

Cast: Georgina Campbell

With the police unable to help, Emily takes it upon herself to investigate the disappearance of her partner. A small clue leads her to the discovery of an unregulated world far removed from her own. Soon, Emily's journey to reconnect becomes a struggle for survival.


Serbia / Sci-Fi / 10 mins

Director: Sava Zivkovic

Writers: Sava Zivkovic

Producer: Sava Zivkovic, Jama Jurabaev

Cast: Nebojsa Jez, Lazar Djukic

While being escorted to a mysteriously irradiated site, a scientist experiences strange visions.

Kairos, Qualitative Time.jpg
Kairos, Qualitative Time

Spain / Sci-Fi / 17 mins

Director: Carlos Scasso 

Writer: Carlos Scasso

Producer: Carlos Scasso

Cast: Edgar Córcoles, German Scasso

To curtail the spread of revolts against the System, the "Kairós Programme" has been activated. Isacaar, one of the insurgents, will find himself faced with the chance of preserving something more important than his ideals.


Australia / Sci-Fi / 7 mins

Director: Raymond J Evans

Writer: Raymond J Evans

Producer: Janine Kaiser

Cast: Jack Doherty, Abbey-Rose Leed

Mars is a drama/sci-fi short film based in a not too distant future. Ethan and Violet are standing on opposite train platforms. They are set to travel in different directions yet a common interest undeniably entwines their destinies. Without speaking a word they must find a means of connection before their trains arrive to whisk them away.