Program 2

Orbital Christmas.jpg
Orbital Christmas

Japan / Sci-Fi / 16 mins

Director: Mitsuyasu Sakai

Writer: Mitsuyasu Sakai

Producer: Dennis Castello,Tetsuro Satomi

Cast: Ryan Shrime, Kaori Neville

In near future, ALI, a Muslim space pilot, is working alone on a space station during the Christmas season, because all other crew is back to the Earth for holidays. One day, TAKAKO, a Japanese girl lives in the city on the Moon, stows away in an unmanned cargo ship and gets on board the space station.

Path To The Sky.jpg
Path To The Sky

Canada / Sci-Fi / 14 mins

Director: Sammy Su

Writer: Sammy Su

Producer: Sammy Su, Steven Hu

Cast: Kristina Lao, Ryan Mah

Path To The Sky is a 15-minute short film that tells the story of a post-apocalypse survivor's encounter with a mysterious messenger from outer space who is sent from the last surviving city of humanity - an orbiting space station - to recruit her back to 'civilisation'. Through their new-found relationship, they both learn to see the universe quite differently.


United States / Sci-Fi / 14 mins

Director: Travis Hanour

Writers: Travis Hanour

Producer: Travis Hanour, Emily Hanour

Cast: Bryan Veronneau, Jade Lorna Sullivan

Our sky “died” fifteen years ago, ending flight, slowing the world to a crawl, and leaving Klaus Shepherd a widower. And while the discovery of teleportation eight years later allows for global travel once again, it also breeds corruption and lawlessness.


Australia / Sci-Fi / 15 mins

Director: Shane Joseph Willis 

Writer: Shane Joseph Willis

Producer: Vikki Blinks

Cast: Michael Shanahan, Alice Chaston

A thief who downloads memories and information to sell to the highest bidder is cornered by a mysterious woman who wants information of her own; but the woman is not all that she appears.

Space Invader.jpg
Space Invader

New Zealand / Sci-Fi / 16 mins

Director: Isaac Bell

Writer: Matt Kelleher

Producer: Lissandra Leite, Isaac Bell

Cast: Common Ruka, James Jennings

Max is a small boy with a big imagination. Him and his Dad form a tight knit crew. But when Dad gets a new girlfriend, Max must find a way to confront this new menace before she steals his dad forever."