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These are principles that we try to follow.  BE truthful. THINK independently. PURSUE excellence. INSPIRE imagination. LIVE courageous. STAND for freedom. EMBRACE individuality. MAKE a difference. 

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BE truthful.

Do what's right. We value and respect every filmmaker and attendee. We're not perfect but when we make a mistake, we try to make it right.   

THINK independently.

Don't follow the pack. We learn from others but aim to go beyond the standard and blaze a new trail. That’s been our purpose since day one.


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PURSUE excellence.

In every aspect, every festival.
We work to make sure that every year we deliver our best effort. We always learn from past experiences and constantly improve.


LIVE courageous.
Everyone wants to be liked, but it's more important to stick to your principles than do what's popular. 

EMBRACE individuality.

Ideas and beliefs are vital to creative expression. That’s why we support independent filmmakers.


INSPIRE imagination.

We aim to exceed your viewing expectations. Each year the festival showcases creative work that changes the way people see the world. We aim to exceed audiences' expectations.


STAND for freedom.

We respect and value everyone's creativity. We know that building a greater understanding of our differences makes us stronger.


MAKE a difference.

Impact your world. We can each make a difference in our communities by starting small.


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