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We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to guarantee seating.

 You can purchase tickets from our website, at the bottom of each film program page.


Show your PayPal receipt on your phone with photo ID matching the name used on the purchase when you pick up your tickets at festival box office/check-in inside theater lobby,


Your advance purchased tickets will NOT be mailed to you. 


Tickets purchase in advance can be picked up 30 minutes prior to the start of the film program at the festival table located inside the theater.


Tickets are NOT refundable. All sales are FINAL. 


Films do NOT screen in order listed on website. Be sure to arrive on time and be seated in theater at the start of each program. This will ensure you do not miss the film you came to see. Film programs are subject to change.

Seating is unreserved.



Film Programs...........$18.00

You can purchase tickets for each film program by accessing the film program on our website.

Film programs start promptly.


An important reminder for ticket holders: to guarantee your seat, you must be present in line at the theater at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. After that time, we reserve the right to sell any empty seats.

No refunds - only exchanges. 


If a film program is listed as SOLD OUT on our website, you can still try for to buy tickets in person by joining the Standby Line at the theater. 


The Standby Line will form 20 minutes before the film program starts at the theater. After an empty seat count, just a few minutes before the program, spare tickets will be sold to patrons waiting in the Standby Line on a first-come basis.


Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices during the film presentation. For the pleasure of all guests, there is no talking or texting permitted during the film presentation. Those arriving late will be seated between short films. 

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