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October 16 - 31


United Kingdom / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Meliz Houssein

Producer: Lizzie Worsdell

Cast: Yvette Boakye, Freddy Sawyer

When a young woman receives an unanticipated phone call, she embarks on a volatile journey with the man she passionately loves.

This Land_edited.jpg
This Land

Ireland / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Nicholas Jones

Cast: Christopher Patrick Nolan, Veronica Henley

Roisin stands alone in the rugged Irish countryside, a guardian of the mystical land that has been in her family for generations. As a greedy relative seeks to exploit the earth beneath her feet, Roisin's unwavering will and deep-rooted connection to the land propel her to fight back, unyielding in her defence of the magic that lies at the heart of the landscape.

October 17 - 31

Oct 17
Broken Vessels.jpg
Broken Vessels

United States / Horror / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Larry Ziegelman, Terry Ziegelman

Producer: Carroll Brown, Jonathan Levit, Blake Vaz

Cast: Alicia Blasingame, Aaron Gaffey, Cathy Vu

While fighting a deadly blood cancer, Jane contends with the effects of “chemo-brain”, attempting to discern reality from fantasy, as she summons up her newfound strength to face-off with an abusive husband.

emerald forest drive.jpg
Emerald Forest Drive

United States / Drama / 24 mins

Director/Writer: LeRon Minor

Producer:  Pearl Haika, Sean Grevencamp, LeRon Minor

Cast: Tristan Suggs, Isabelle Rogers, Erik Lingvall

Emerald Forest Drive” is a 24-minute short film that explores the consequences of losing one’s identity for the sake of fitting in and youthful recklessness. The story follows Scottie, a quiet high school student who finds himself drawn into a group of misfits led by the charismatic Jimmy. 

October 18 - 31

Oct 18
Night Road.jpg
Night Road

Poland / Drama / 25 mins

Director: Mukai Liao

Writer: Wojciech Zajgner

Producer: Wojciech Zajgner

Cast: Julia Szczepańska, Marek Tynda, Mateusz Król

The closed zone was created to separate the poorest from the society. It is run by the group that sells children outside of the closed zone. They will chase everyone who is desperate enough to believe, that selling their child is the only way to save it.

Serving Conversations.jpg
Serving Conversations

Switzerland / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Alessia Albizzati

Producer:  Alessia Albizzati

A woman can do whatever she wants. But only as long as she meets the requirements of society. Four dialogues in four different centuries in one diner show women that are getting told off, because they don’t fit into the “normal” society has created. They want to stay single, don’t want children, are interested in politics or want to become a fulltime mother - and therefore get pushed back in their place by their counterparts.

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