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October 22 - 31

our males and females.jpg
Our Males and Females

Jordan / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Ahmad Alyaseer

Writer: Ahmad Alyaseer, Rana Alyaseer

Producer: Mais Salman

Cast: Kamel El Basha, Shafiqa Al Tal

A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. Shrouding is an Islamic religious practice that is deemed obligatory to carry out upon death. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family, how far is the father willing to go to make sure his "son" is washed?


India / Short / 25 mins

Director/Writer: Samrat DasGupta

Producer: Samrat DasGupta, Mithun Chakraborty

Cast: Kamakshi Bhat

Rumi, a poetry-loving recluse, is most ‘at home’ at the city library. One day she chances upon an old, open game of XO (tic tac toe) in a forgotten corner. Curious, she scribbles a move which is reciprocated the next day and thus a game ensues.

October 23 - 31

Oct 23
The Mess We're In.jpg
The Mess We're In

Canada / Short / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Jamie Lam

Producer: Nadine Widjaja, Jamie Lam

Cast: Ashley Kobayashi, Jackie Wong, Jenny Zhou

Still living in the hoarder’s house she grew up in, young adult Dara contemplates moving forward in life.


Canada / Short / 8 mins

Director: Rame Ibrahim

Producer:  Rame Ibrahim

Cast: Hala Maghamez, Mostafa Shaker

Two immigrant parents meet at their son's (Ahmed) school to discuss his misbehaviour with the principal just to find out that they are inviting them to talk about their journey from their home countries.

October 24 - 31

Oct 24

Germany / Short / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Pascal Glatz

Producer: Mirjam Erdem, Simon Veroneg, Pascal Glatz

Cast: Henriette Confurius, Adrian Grünewald, Michael Neuenschwander

Because their mother is dying, Alex and her younger brother return home. A situation that not only overwhelms them, but also the rest of their family. A story about loss and the challenge to reunite.


Germany / Short / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Josef Brandl

Producer:  Rike Steyer

Cast: Oliver Korittke, Susanne Bredehoeft, Milton Welsh

Jesse Bronske, an unsuccessful bar owner, is afraid that his mean twin-brother Aaron, from whom he escaped long time ago, has found him again and is about to take over his life step by step…

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