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October 28 - 31


United Kingdom / Drama / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Ajitpal Babbra

Producer: Ajitpal Babbra, Chirag Gadhvi

Cast: Sam Lockwood, Lauren Saliu, Jo Krayer

On his way home, a young man exchanges glances with an attractive woman he sees jogging on his street. He plans to 'run into her' again on the following day with hopes of sparking up something romantic, but will his attempts be successful?

Meeting Mr Samuel.jpg
Meeting Mr Samuel

United Kingdom / Comedy / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Rob Leggatt

Producer: Rob Leggatt, Tim Katz

Cast: Samuel Anderson, Charlie Creed-Miles, T'Nia Miller

After a life-changing incident in a pub toilet, loveable rogue and absent father, Christian Stoner wakes to find himself in what appears to be a waiting for the afterlife staffed by his former school Geography teacher, Mr Samuels.

rose of armagh.jpg
Rose of Armagh

United Kingdom / Short / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Ryan Kevin Doyle

Producer: Theo Hue Williams, Levi Mattey

Cast: Will O'Connell, Anna Wilson-Jones, Enya Doran

After finding a scarf buried in a peat bog in County Armagh, we follow this fabric back 10 years, to a night in Northern Ireland in 1983. During the depths of mid-winter, we uncover a mystery involving a father associated with the Irish Republican Army, & a daughter who mistakingly seals her fathers fate with a rose.

October 29 - 31

Oct 29
Mazal Tov.jpg
Mazal Tov

Israel / Short / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Noa Maiman

Producer: Hilla Medalia

Cast: Liat Harlev, Shlomi Tapiaro, Ohad Knoller

An Israeli-Jewish couple is expecting their first child.
But after a perfect-all-natural-full-moon-emotional labor, they discover the baby is a far cry from what they (and everyone else) come to expect.


United States / Short / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Razzaaq Boykin

Producer:  Duran Jones, Rachel Weise

Cast: Joshua T. Crockett, Palmer Ashe III, Esau Pritchett

An introverted teenager, navigating his repressed anger about his parent’s divorce, spends the day with his father until an impromptu visit to his estranged grandfather gives him life-changing insight.

13 attentions.jpg
13 Attentions

France / Short / 2 mins

Director: Gerald Portenart, Julie Amalric

Writer: Gerald Portenart, Julie Amalric, Aurélia Dury

Producer:  Julie Amalric

Cast: Aurélia Dury, Garpard Dompnier

A mother and her son can't decide about dinner, this leads to a bigger issue.

October 30 - 31

Oct 30
trash and flower.jpg
Trash and Flower

Japan / Drama / 30 mins

Producer: Tomoya Oguro

Koichi Ozaki (33) quit his job as a Self Defense Force airline pilot for psychological reasons and started working
as a garbage collector to support his family. He begins collecting garbage late at night with a trainee instructor,


Philippines / Drama / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Ian Alessandro Litonjua Abaya

Producer:  Antonio Ocampo Soler, Brigitte McBride Bonus

Cast: Brigitte McBride Bonus, Raphael Robes

"Rosy" is a short film that delves into the turbulent relationship of a young couple, Bea and Bryan, as they confront the damaging effects of social media on their lives. The story unfolds on Valentine's Day when a seemingly innocent Instagram post triggers an explosive argument between Bea and Bryan.


Puerto Rico / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Harry Xavier

Producer:  Ángel Negrón, Gerald Lewis, Harry Xavier

Cast: Carlos Miranda, Jearnest Corchado, Ángel Negrón

Mia narrates the struggle and the endurance of an elder man faced with the passing of his beloved lover “Mia”. Lost in a sea of depression, the elder man cannot confront the truth about his new reality. He seeks refugee in his past, day in and day out he continues to fall deeper and deeper into remorse. 

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