Program 28
November 3 - 6:30pm 


China / Animation / 3 mins

Director: Hongying Chen

Falling from heaven to the sea, I was so scared that I wanted to escape from the sea. I was reborn after repeated failures, which make me realize the joy of being alive.

Untitled Sam Bennett Project.jpg
Untitled Sam Bennett Project

United States / Comedy / 5 mins

Director: Daniella Caggiano

Writer: Caitlin Ouano

Producer: Caitlin Ouano, Marcel Simoneau

Cast: Caitlin Ouano, Jamie Ragusa

A writer pitches her script to a producer.

Make It Easy.jpg
Make It Easy

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Ellie Gravitte

Writers: Kent Coleman

Cast: Alexis Floyd, Kent Coleman

A chance encounter between a young musician (Alexis Floyd, Shondaland/Netflix) and a street busker leads to an enchanted journey of song and self discovery one midnight in New York City.


United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Jamie Spaulding

Writer: Jamie Spaulding

Producer: Zach Durocher

Cast: Nicholas Baroudi, Ethan Botwick

Two brothers, driven apart by their own nature, are pitted against each other by circumstance.

The Chaperone_edited.jpg
The Chaperone

United States / Dark Comedy / 16 mins

Director: Victoria DeMartin

Writer: Jon Comulada

Producer: Jon Comulada, Victoria DeMartin

Cast: John Lampe, Hans Lueders

An unexpected visitor causes a man to reexamine his life while slowly growing to accept his death.