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Program 28
OCTOBER 18, 2:00PM 


United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Isabella Ivos

Producer: Sophia Conger, Leon Derriey

Cast: Alaina Surgener, William Beckwith

On an afternoon in the countryside, we follow Anna’s childhood memory of her Grandfather and learn about a complex relationship as events unfold.

Yet They Do_edited.jpg
Yet They Do

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: David Allsep

Producer: David Allsep, Alannah Ciera, Gia Matos Ovalles

Cast: Alannah Ciera, Dezmond Chavous, Jaiden Haggiag

A gripping short film that follows Denver Littleton (Alannah Ciera), a shy high school student hiding in a bathroom during a school shooting. Trapped amidst chaos, Denver discovers inner strength and redefines her identity, shedding light on the psychological impact of such incidents and the importance of support for the marginalized

Time To Say Goodbye

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writers: Tonghuan Zhao

Producer: Gorby Mufan Shih

Cast: Lingbin Qiu, Guzi Wu, Lisha Zheng

Bin, a Chinese gangster, is a man in his prime but is struck with a terminal brain tumor. With no place to call home, he pays a visit to two people he can't let go of with anticipation. But his arrival is met with a bittersweet reality as he becomes an uninvited guest.

The Beginning of The End.jpg
The Beginning of The End

United States / Sci-Fi / 22 mins

Director/Writer: Justin Cole Mossa

Producer: Justin Cole Mossa, Jordan Flippo, Sean Kawamoto

Cast: Jefferson Dor, Keith R. Beck, Eveline Tainio

A self righteous arrogant business man, Logan Harris is haunted by a Dark Figure and is convinced it’s a hallucination until it takes his life. Desperate, Logan challenges the Dark Figure to a game of chess to win his life back.

The Glass Ridge_edited.jpg
The Glass Ridge

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Valmik Puri

Producer: Valmik Puri, Abigail Marshal

Cast: Sayali Bramhe, Sanket Bakshi, Alyssa Simon

"The Glass Ridge," is a film about a strong-willed and dignified maid who struggles to find freedom in her oppressive marriage, and in the innate nature of her job.

Rain on the Sea.jpg
Rain on the Sea

China / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Yuran Yan

Producer: Ziyao Huang

Cast: Haiyu Yu, Yan Ban, Jun Yan

On a summer night, Haiyu is taken away by his mother who was violent at home, and it starts to rain in the hotel room that only belongs to him and his mother. In this humid room, Haiyu is forced to face the confusion of the adult world.

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