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Program 6
OCTOBER 14, 1:00PM 

Cheery Up, Baby!_edited.jpg
Cheery Up, Baby!

United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Michel Dominguez Beddome

Producer: Michel Dominguez Beddome

Cast: Michel Dominguez Beddome

"Cheery Up, Baby!" is the story of one woman's fight to cope with the hardest parts of life through the power of dance, gratitude, cheeriness, and the color pink!

In My Dreams We Are Always Together_edited.jpg
In My Dreams We Are Always Together

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Ayan Vaid

Producer: Ayan Vaid, Hsi Cheng
Cast: Tom Mezger, Anita Moreno, Milana Littman

Nothing is going well for Matt. He seems down on his luck, depressed and it seems that his wife, Emilia, is pulling away day by day. The only joy in his life seems to be his daughter, Jane.

Blue Morning_edited.jpg
Blue Morning

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Brandon Xie

Producer: Brandon Xie, Nicole Park, Nicholas Kim

Cast: Joyce Huang, Ondine Peck-Voll, Niam Kothari

As she prepares for a crucial exhibition, an artist must overcome a devastating incident that threatens to consume her life.


Ireland / Drama / 17 mins

Director: Jonathan Shaw

Writers: Maura McDonnell, Francesca McDonnell Capossela, Jonathan C Creasy

Producer: Maura McDonnell, Neil Guerin, Jonathan C Creasy

Cast: Dafhyd Draymond Flynn, Emily Kilkenny Roddy, Gráinne Good

In this gripping true story, we witness the lives of three orphaned siblings - two sisters and a brother - on the verge of a tragic event. Set amidst the backdrop of a civil war, the eldest sister, Rose, struggles to keep her family intact as they await the opportunity to bury their deceased father while the town remains under lockdown. 

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