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Program 6
OCTOBER 22, 2:00PM 

The Old Guitarist.jpg
The Old Guitarist

United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Will Nunziata

Producer: 23 Productions

Cast: Dominic Chianese, Mike Cefalo, Ayden Skye

Award-winning actor Dominic Chianese (“The Sopranos”, “The Godfather: Part II”) stars as an old guitarist who reflects on his past.


United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Max Amar

Producer: Elana Ganz, Max Amar
Cast: Michelle Persoff, Katie Ailion, Phoebe Mattana

A Hasidic Jewish woman joins her friends on a secret night out away from their strict community, only to meet a mysterious woman that changes the course of her evening throughout Brooklyn.

Next Move.JPG
Next Move

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Ana Verde

Writers: Samantha Bowen, Julia Tolchin

Producer: Samantha Bowen, Julia Tolchin

Cast: Samantha Bowen, Julia Tolchin, Iliana Guibert

After the closure of Hartley Realtors offices Madison and Harper are forced to move in with their madwoman Boss to keep the company afloat, unaware of what’s in store in this Next Move

Sonny's Blues.jpg
Sonny's Blues

United States / Drama / 27 mins

Director: Daliza M. Sánchez Osorio

Writers: Anthony Starvaggi, Wilbert Turner III

Producer: Anthony Starvaggi

Cast: Jymil Littles, Matt Louie, Greg Mays

A 22 year old black musician, Sonny, living in NYC is struggling to find success in the music industry. He works tirelessly on his craft and to make ends meet for him and his father who is discouraging him from following his dreams.

Denny Barracuda.jpg
Denny Barracuda

United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Shannon Goldman

Writers: Whitney Matheson

Producer: Dean Haspiel, Whitney Matheson, Shannon Goldman

Cast: Madeleine Morrell, Lawrence Trailer

Who on earth is Denny Barracuda? William has no idea, but he's about to let her into his apartment after spending eight months in quarantine.

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