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Program 5
OCTOBER 21, 10:00PM 


United States / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Ken Ochiaie

Writer: Ken Ochiai, Adam Valeiras

Producer: Adam Valeiras, Ken Ochiai

Cast: Anju Chiku, Go Jibiki, Jun Machida

In the 1930's, a Japanese-American father & daughter must play a deadly game of shadow tag to escape from a demon child, Kageboshi.

The Den Short.jpg
The Den Short

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Jessica Aquila Cymerman

Writer: Kelsey Ann Wacker, Nathan Simpson

Producer: Eden Perry, Jamie Thalman, Nathan Simpson

Cast: Geoff Stults, Kelsey Ann Wacker

Inspired by true events, The Den is a psychological thriller following Myna O'Neill, an ambitious New York stage actress, as she navigates a manipulative and toxic relationship with her idol, Jamie Bock. A twisted story of abuse and revenge behind the scenes of an Off-Bway theatre.

The Resemblance.JPG
The Resemblance

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Forrest Karbowski

Writer: Forrest Karbowski, Rhea Lyons

Producer: Tessa Travis

Cast: Donna Cooper, Malik Childs

Lori is confronted by a stranger who claims to have ties to her past.

The Call by Ryan Jafri.jpg
The Call

United States / Thriller / 14 mins

Director: Ryan Jafri

Writer: Ryan Jafri, Ben Woodiwiss

Producer: Aliki Paraschis

Cast: Tom Martin, Alex Hebert

1965. A small man in a big world works hard to close a deal, doing everything he can to please his boss. But the clock is ticking, and someone is out to get him.

The Nest.JPG
The Nest

United States / Comedy / 9 mins

Director: Phoebe Mattana

Writer: Phoebe Mattana, Rachel Romney

Producer: Phoebe Mattana, Rachel Romney

Cast: Phoebe Mattana, Rachel Romney, Jake Roseman

A goofball comedy when two soon-to-be step sisters meet up in the park for the first time to go birding. After finding a nest of baby birds, we learn how excited Sophie is to have a sister and how doubtful Alexa is that they will ever have a meaningful relationship. Ultimately it is revealed that this is not the first time Alexa has had new step sisters and none of those relationships lasted. 

Jac on the Come Up_edited.jpg
Jac on the Come Up

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Gene Graham

Producer: Gene Graham, Paul Rowley

Cast: Ozzie Stewart, Crystin Gilmore, Roland Sands

Ozzie Stewart's award-winning turn as Jac propels the story of a recent widow who takes a walk through mid-town Manhattan on an autumn day, contemplating life, love and what lies ahead.

Father Holliday.JPG
Father Holliday

United States / Sci-Fi / 13 mins

Director: Craig Davidowitz

Writer: Craig Davidowitz, Alex Bandy

Cast: Alex Bandy, Johnny Diaz

Western Action/Suspense series entitled Father Holliday that follows the troubled path of an NYC present-day western Vigilante Priest that has a special yet hidden relationship with the infamous Doc Holliday.

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