Program 5
October 29 - 10:00pm 

No Future Here.jpg
No Future Here

United States / Animation / 7 mins

Director: J.A. Cruz, Jennifer Goodridge

Writer: Jennifer Goodridge, J.A. Cruz

Producer: J.A. Cruz, Jennifer Goodridge

Cast: Cleopatra Coleman, Justin Warfield

The fearless bassist of a quirky punk band, shakes things up when she performs a seance that will forever alter the future.

The Great Artist.jpg
The Great Artist

United States / Drama / 23 mins

Director: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Writer: Matthew Postlethwaite, Sunny Vachher

Producer: Sunny Vachher, Matthew Postlethwaite

Cast: Matthew Postlethwaite, Marimar Vega

A gifted artist finds himself in a broken balance between creating world class art and the all too silent struggle of self care as his life begins to unravel because of his Dissociative Identity Disorder.


United States / Comedy / 15 mins

Director: Aoife Williamson

Writers: Aoife Williamson

Producer: C Marie O'Connell, Paridhi Rana

Cast: Krystal Renee, Aoife Williamson

Lilith is our heroine. She has the task of creating a song in one day to submit for a commercial that could potentially be a big break in her musical career. It just so happens that that “one day” is a very busy day at her money job. And it just so happens that that “money job” is as a sex worker named "Eve".

Blame Them.JPG
Blame Them

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Eliza McKenna

Writer: Eleanor Greene

Producer: Eliza McKenna, Chase Mayo, Josh Rode

Cast: Eleanor Greene, Lucie Allouche, Ellis Cox-Mcallister and Katie Rodgers

After learning she has chlamydia, a high school student enlists a friend to help call the boys who may have infected her.


United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Elina Street

Producer: Louise de Nexon

Cast: Malou Coindreau, Marie Zabukovec

Cléo is a struggling actress. She finds it difficult to communicate her new found activity to her girlfriend even though she is empowered by it.