Program 4
October 29 - 8:15pm 

Beyond Our Control.JPG
Beyond Our Control

United States / Drama / 21 mins

Director: Alexander Garcia Mallarini

Writer: Alexander Garcia Mallarini

Producer: Alexander Garcia Mallarini, Robert Blink

Cast: Ela Damaro,Tomás Ignacio Faber

When Isabela and Santiago meet they start exploring the complexity of love and unrealistic expectations that come with it. There is this illusion that if you love deep enough, you can conquer anything. But many times love disappoints; it changes, it evolves. And along the way, something or someone crosses your path, because you really need to go through the process of confronting the parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

Emma Without Edmund.jpg
Emma Without Edmund

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Nicolas Minas

Writer: Nicolas Minas

Producer: Elizabeth Balla

Cast: Lynn Cohen, Stuart Rudin

Lynn Cohen stars as Emma, a widow on a mission to summon the spirit of her dead husband so they can have one last fight.

Marie, my first_edited.jpg
Marie, My First

United States / Drama / 24 mins

Director: Zaha Alieva

Writers: Zaha Alieva, Isaac Babel

Producer: Hugo Broche, Zaha Alieva

Erik, a young procrastinating writer, lives a lonely life in New York and works at a job he hates. In a desperate need for love and acceptance he approaches a local prostitute, Marie. She inadvertently pushes Erik to create his first story and, in a way, becomes his first reader.


United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Dan Bricker

Writer: Abbie Richards

Producer: Dan Bricker, Abbie Richards

Cast: Alex MacNicoll, Abbie Richards

What happens when a one-night-stand overstays his welcome.