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Gin Rummy.jpg
Gin Rummy

United States / Drama / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Suzanne Baird

Producer: Julie Tondreau

Cast: Eve Sigall, Darlene Popovic, Cynthia Gatlin

Three best friends have been playing Gin Rummy every week for over 50 years. On this Gin Rummy night they have made other plans as a final bonding of the trio.

Under the Blue.jpg
Under the Blue

United Kingdom / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Linda Ludwig, James Curle

Producer: Linda Ludwig, James Curle

Cast: Steph Parry, Ed White, Nicola Walker

A true-story police drama starring Steph Parry ("Malpractice"), Ed White ("Tár") and TV-star Nicola Walker ("Unforgotten", "The Split") with a unique sound design by Joe Beal (BAFTA-winner "Chernobyl"). This slow-burn film explores appreciation and unlikely connections, whether we consider “the person underneath”.

October 14 - 31

Oct 14

United States / Sci-Fi / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Kaitlyn Ali

Producer: Amadi Pate

Cast: Chase Simone, Ibrahim Quraishi, Jessica Ruth Bell

Upon the untimely death of famed gamer, An00bis, college-bound fangirl, Zora, and her influencer bestie, Hannah, honor him by attending his estate sale. There, Zora happens upon a magical, retro Walkman that blasts her into a mysterious realm. Lo and behold, An00bis’ soul is bound to it like a horcrux, stranding him in purgatory.


United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Josiah Persad

Producer:  Don Kohler

Cast: Derriyon Winns, Taina Dominguez

In this short, we follow Zack, a recent high school graduate whose endearing unkempt hair matches his somewhat introverted nature. However, everything changes when he receives an invitation to a party where the girl of his dreams will be. In the midst of this comedy, drama, and romance, Zack unexpectedly discovers a newfound sense of courage.

October 15 - 31

Oct 15
The Life and Death of Gaia.jpg
The Life and Death of Gaia

Mexico / Sci-Fi / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Jerry Toth

Cast: Mónica Noguera

The entire life story of our Planet Earth, from birth until her eventual death, told through black-and-white images. After the meteoric rise and fall of Homo sapiens, artificial intelligence ushers forth a new era of planetary consciousness. It’s an ecological come-back story.

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