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Digital Program 10

If Fishes Were Wishes.jpg
If Fishes Were Wishes

Italy / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Gaia De Paoli

Producer: Gaia De Paoli

Cast: Battista Ivaldi, Simona Ferrara

Elio, a very meticulous fish market employee, imagines the lives of others by looking at their laundry hanging out to dry. One day he sees clothes with wonderful designs and colours hanging in front of a window. Who is hiding behind those shutters?

Jack, the Leader.jpg
Jack, the Leader

Korea / Animation / 6 mins

Director: Tak Hoon Kim

Producer: Ling Sun

Jack, the leader and unquestioning followers would come to an end of tragedy. What will the ending look like? Black comedy animation with social satire!


Canada / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: March Mercanti

Producer: March Mercanti

Cast: Alex Lee Williams, Angelica Stirpe, John Thomas Gauthier

A couple's relationship is tested when an evening with friends erupts with jealousy.

Jump Start Man_edited.jpg
Jump Start Man

United States / Animation / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Jonathan Girgis

Producer: Jonathan Girgis

Cast: Brendan Hunter, Irene Yenko

Clark, a disgruntled superhero on the verge of divorce, must go on a rescue mission when his wife is kidnapped by his arch nemesis the Resistor.

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