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Program 1
OCTOBER 21, 2:00PM


United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Carlos A. Hiciano

Producer: Carlos A. Hiciano, Alfonso M. Rodriguez, Antonio Mendez

Cast: Emperor Kaioyus, Maria Peyramaure, J Pearllinda Vanburen

An emotional portrait of a young Latino boy navigating his youth in white suburban America. He copes with micro-aggressions and family tensions.


Canada / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Anna Hopkins

Producer: Mariah Owen, Anna Hopkins

Cast: Maya Misaljevic, Ben Carlson, Anna Hopkins

Underpaint follows the filmmaker, Anna Hopkins, as she wanders through an art gallery. Noticing a young girl on a gallery visit with her dad, Anna embarks on a journey through memories and conversations she had with her own father, Tom Hopkins, a painter himself. She explores personal reflections on her father's death, his worldviews, his art practice, and his impact on her life. 

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles.jpg
Bienvenidos A Los Angeles

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writers: Lisa Cole

Producer: Ben O'Keefe, Vivian Johnson, Cindy Lu

Cast: Destiny Faith Nelson, Stacey Patino, Yvonne Huff Lee

Inspired by true events, the film tells the timely story of Imani, a Nigerian single-mother living in Los Angeles. When she offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son, Imani learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her own path to citizenship.

Hell In Vineyard.jpg
Hell In Vineyard

United States / Thriller / 17 mins

Director: Samuel Langshteyn

Writer: Langshteyn

Producer: Kimberly Mac

Cast: Krissy Lemon, Joseph Buck, Gregor Lopes, Diego Navarro

A rich, Hearing man named Benwick created a new, modern day Martha Vineyard community where only Deaf people reside. He is struggling to convince one Hearing neighbor, Max, to move out. One day, a Deaf resident, Jacob, turns up dead and Benwick’s Deaf assistant, Grace, discovers a sinister fate regarding the community.

Plastic Killer

Spain / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Jose Pozo

Producer: David Ortiz

Cast: José Mota, Laura Gómez-Lacueva, Elisabet Terri

Amparo lives in an old abandoned haberdashery in the center of Madrid with the only company of Carmela, a plastic bag whom she considers her daughter.

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