Program 2
October 29 - 4:45pm 

Break Any Spell.jpg
Break Any Spell

Canada / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Anton Jøsef

Writer: Lisi Purr, Anton Jøsef

Producer: Lisi Purr, Pierre Campbell

Cast: Rachel Boyd, Catherine McGregor

When April sets off to battle in the the world of live-action-role-playing, her mother's early-onset Alzheimer's reaches a breaking point.

bella and bernie.jpg
Bella and Bernie

USA  / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Rebecca McNamee

Writer: Rebecca McNamee

Producer: Rebecca McNamee, Amy Powell

Cast: Teagan Croft, Mary Tilden

Two 16 year old carefree confidants, Bella and Bernie, tentatively explore independence and sexuality while trying to dodge the ever watchful eye of Mrs. Judge, Bella’s mother. 


United Kingdom / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Michael Gamarano Singleton

Writers: Michael Gamarano Singleton

Producer: Michael Gamarano Singleton, Chris Kyriacou

Cast: Karl Queensborough,Melissa Collier

Denzel follows the dating life of a young man on his journey to self-acceptance. He uses an alter ego to navigate through his social issues and self worth until finally reaching the perfect conclusion.


United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Minkyu Kang

Writer: Minkyu Kang

Producer: Bofan Zhang, Grace Merriman

Cast: Alexa Swinton, Sarah Sandback

A 9-years-old pianist, who suffers from a hearing impairment, learns a different way of listening to the world.

Whatever It Takes_edited.jpg
Whatever It Takes

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Sean Michael Bradley

Writer: Sean Michael Bradley

Producer: David Kelly Crow, John Martin

In this Action Short, Marcus does what is necessary to get out of a dangerous situation

I Still Am.jpg
I Still Am

United States / Horror / 10 mins

Director: Simon O'Keefe, Tara Lynn Rye

Writer: Simon O'Keefe, Tara Lynn Rye

Producer: Simon O'Keefe, Tara Lynn Rye

Cast: Tara Lynn Rye

In 1979, a woman takes refuge from an abusive relationship in a secluded cabin. She can run from her relationship, but in isolation, the stories she deludes herself with won't keep her safe.