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Program 2
OCTOBER 21, 4:00PM 

Buried & Forgotten.jpg
Buried & Forgotten

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Ali Ahmed

Producer: Ali Ahmed

Cast: Anya Banerjee, Inji Zayba Zaheer, J. Singh

An alcoholic with a martyr complex must stay sober for a weekend while going home (after over a year) to see his dying Uncle and religious Muslim family. But as he loses his grip on reality he struggles to grapple with not just deeper childhood traumas, but also new dark revelations of sexual abuse that will test him in this neo-noir tragedy.

Teller Number Four.JPG
Teller Number Four

United States / Action / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Peter Novosel

Producer: Peter Novosel

Cast: Seth Rogen, Ricky Mabe, Stacy Kaney

Kevin decides to turn around his mundane existence by asking out the girl of his dreams only to be forced to rob the very bank in which she works. All the while our Narrator experiences a mild existential crisis as they come to terms with the outcome of the story.

Voices from the void.JPG
Voices from the Void

United States / Sci-fi / 10 mins

Director: Theo Burtis

Cast: Kym Jackson, Kyle Mattocks

Two shipwrecked astronauts fight over how to get rescued from an alien desert


United States / Drama / 28 mins

Director/Writer: Gonnie Zur

Producer: Gonnie Zur, Mandy Giampaolo

Cast: Maren Lord, Colby Minifie

After their late grandmother's house is sold, two estranged sisters, tasked with cleaning it out, must withstand a weekend alone together while confronting the grimness of their relationship.


United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Sinclair Rankin

Producer: Sinclair Rankin, 186 Productions

Cast: Jose Alvarez, Alessandro Colla, Rosemary Howard

Shrinker is about a therapist who employs unorthodox methods to treat a patient undergoing an existential crisis, only to find himself in crisis as well.

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