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Program 17
OCTOBER 24, 4:00PM


China / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Ying Qi

Producer: Brisa Tu

Cast: Kiva Gao

Jiaxin, a young Chinese girl who wanders angrily after being rebuked by her mother accidentally encounters and helps a female tourist Meng. Jiaxin refuses Meng’s adventure invitation and voyages to a wonderland with her mother.

Genius Artist.jpg
Genius Artist

China / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Boyuan Cao

Producer: Mame Astou Toure, Reagan Irene Radwanski

Cast: Peter Xiao

A mediocre art student called A Liang, who just experienced a car accident, suddenly gets the ability to predict the future with his painting. As he becomes famous online, his own future seems to be changed.

An Invitation_edited.jpg
An Invitation

China / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Yeung Tung, Hao Zhao

Producer: Xuli Cao, Hao Zhao, Yeung TUng

Cast: Jim Ping Hei, Yu Xuan Liu

An 8-year-old boy reluctantly visits his divorced father in Hong Kong, who wants him to become a Hong Kong citizen. They both keep secretive intentions and find it difficult to ask what they want from each other.

Yesterday and Today.jpg
Yesterday and Today

United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Dmitry Gubin

Producer: Dmitry Gubin, Jianna Kristine

Cast: Simon Val, Victor Steinbach

A teenage Jewish refugee from USSR, who lives in a cheap motel with his grandfather, has to come to terms with life on the streets of 1990s New York City.

Boy, Addicted.jpg
Boy, Addicted

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Anna Chaoqun Wang

Writer: Chaoqun Wang

In an urban city of South China, a chauffeur boy, Ah-le (22), moves on to a new addiction when the romance with a call girl Xiaohui (26) turns out to be the price he cannot afford to.


United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Lillian Xuege Li

Writer: Lillian Xuege Li, Yawen Hu

Producer: Lillian Xuege Li, Zhong Guo, Dong Li

Cast: Lan Zhong

How can a woman become herself when she has been shaped and taught to sacrifice for the gaze of others? Lin (Lan Zhong) has many roles -- a mother, a wife, a waitress, an immigrant. She is also a woman with a secret who finally decides to quietly rebel.

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