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Program 17
OCTOBER 15, 10:00PM

Trundle and the Lost Borscht of Atlantis_edited.jpg
Trundle and the Lost Borscht of Atlantis

United States / Comedy / 14 mins

Director: Laura Lee

Writer: Zachary Smolar

Producer: Laura Lee, Zachary Smolar, Ariel Dreicer

Cast: Daniel Simonsen, Patrick Breen, Marceline Hugot

Even though Trundle makes the best borscht in the city, Mr. Murray says he is too hideous to work the counter. But when a Regular wants to thank the chef, Trundle takes matters into his own hands.


United States / Comedy / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Molly Tomecek

Cast: Arielle Beth Klein

Alice is pressured into downloading a new social media app by a friend, but when the app starts to control her will she be able to escape or will she fall farther down the rabbit hole?

Call Me Mommy.jpg
Call Me Mommy

United States / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Haley Alea Erickson, Taylor Washington

Writer: Haley Alea Erickson

Producer: Brea Grant, Ed Dougherty, David Tenczar

Cast: Lee Eddy, Haley Alea Erickson

A pedantic mother-to-be hires a stranger to role-play as her unborn daughter

Bibi & Carlotta Tell Your Fortune.jpg
Bibi & Carlotta Tell Your Fortune

United States / Comedy / 8 mins

Director: Sarah Jamgotch

Writer: Jackie Jorgenson

Producer: Jackie Jorgenson

Cast: Andrea Holz, Jackie Jorgenson, Marisa Jones

A celebrity psychic reality show falls off the rails when a spirit reveals one host is sleeping with the other's husband.

The Perfect Hundred_edited.jpg
The Perfect Hundred

United States / Sci-fi / 20 mins

Director/ Writer: Ali Matlock

Producer: Ali Matlock, Matt Brucato

Cast: Tra'Lynn Husbands, Athena Alexis, Georgia Kate Haege

A young woman, who is heavily influenced by her bubble of social content, encounters an opportunity to be the model of her fantasies at a Pilates studio with a dark secret.

Shazmine: The Life of a Popstar

United States / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Sunny Outlaw

Writer: Jazmine Cornielle

Producer: Jazmine Cornielle

Cast: Jazmine Cornielle, Roxie Pell, Kohlman Thompson

Follow coked out popstar Shazmine as she channels her drug habit into her next MIND BLOWING album!

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