Program 17
November 1 - 4:45pm

Room 5.jpg
Room 5

Ghana / Animation / 3 mins

Director: Francis Y. Brown

Writer: Francis Y. Brown

Producer: Daty Kaba, Laurene Manaa Addy

Cast: Christy Ukata, Yvonne

Room 5 basically tells a story of how patients are treated by nurses when we visit the hospital but this is coupled with a sub plot of how most people are afraid of injection. 

The Toymaker

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director: John R. Caccamo

Writer: Matthew J. De Pompo, John R Caccamo

Producer: Michelle Edmond, Zach Miller

An old toymaker finds an unexpected solution for a young girl who's in need of an escape from her abusive home life.


Canada / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Matthew Horvat

Writers: Matthew Horvat

Producer: Peter Widdrington

Cast: James Gagné

Based on a true story, a young man successfully orchestrates a double-ended rental scam until the weight of his own ego compromises everything.

You are mine.jpg
You Are Mine

Germany / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Adi Wojaczek

Writer: Adi Wojaczek

Producer: Christine Jezior

Cast: Lucas Herzog, Marlon Heidel

Viktor (12) and Siegfried (15) are friends in the Hitler Youth. While Viktor enjoys exploring nature like a normal child, Siegfried is empowered by Nazi ideology. Their friendship gets tested, when they suddenly find a young jewish girl, hiding in a barn.

Welcome to Our Home_edited.jpg
Welcome to Our Home

United States / Comedy / 8 mins

Director: Gregory M. Schroeder

Writer: Gregory M. Schroeder

Producer: Zubin Anklesaria

Cast: Danielle Dallas Roosa, Hank Northrop

When Brad brings his liberal girlfriend home to meet his conservative parents, tensions escalate and monsters are unleashed.