Program 16
November 1 - 3:00pm 


United States / Documentary / 17 mins

Director: Alex Nuñez Caba

Producer: Alex Nuñez Caba

Cast: Jim St. Clair

From his 22 foot motorboat studio, a painter recounts bits of history about his life and the ever-changing New York City waterfront.

Alive By Accident.JPG
Alive By Accident: The Story of Mayday Hardware

United States / Documentary / 13 mins

Director: Ian Phillips

Writer: Ian Phillips

Producer: Ian Phillips

At 69 Years old, Brooklynite Jerry Walsh's hardware store is the longest standing business in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. As he reflects on the tumultuous changes he's seen throughout his life, he prepares for his next chapter- the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hello Sunshine

United States / Documentary / 13 mins

Director: Joe Quint

Writers: Joe Quint

Producer: Joe Quint

Cast: Roz Pichardo

Roz Pichardo is more than a domestic violence and gun violence survivor, she’s a warrior. Despite of - or because of - being thrown off a bridge by an abusive ex-boyfriend, the unsolved murder of her brother, and the suicide of her identical twin sister, she’s able to channel her trauma into service by helping the often-forgotten people of North Philadelphia.

Slow Burn & The Muse.jpg
Slow Burn & The Muse

United States / Documentary / 14 mins

Director: Darah Golub

Producer: Eric Lense, Jamie Margulies

Cast: Becca Stevens, David Crosby

Two songs, many years and one fruitful night tell the story of a singer/songwriter's road to success.