Program 15
October 31 - 10:00pm 

Streamer Stalker.jpg
Streamer Stalker

United States / Horror / 13 mins

Director: Gaelan Draper

Writer: Gaelan Draper, Connor Del Rio

Producer: Mathew Owen Brady

Cast: Connor Del Rio, Charlie Saxton

A horror/comedy film about a successful video game streamer (Connor Del Rio) who finds himself haunted by his new fame and by one of his fans in particular.


United States / Horror / 34 mins

Director: Samuel Kassover

Writer: Jazmine Cornielle

Producer: Jazmine Cornielle, Human Pincushion Productions

Cast: Jazmine Cornielle, Rebi Paganini

When a young painter who moves away from an abusive ex and into a New York apartment to start fresh, she meets her neighbor whose friendship turns more menacing by the minute.


United States / Horror / 18 mins

Director: Jordan Doig

Writers: Jordan Doig

Producer: Ian McGuire, Stephanie Gould

Cast: Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, Dana Kreitz

Libby is dealing with an intense postpartum depression while caring for her baby daughter, Hazel. She looks to her husband, Pat, for understanding but his inability to embrace the issue or even acknowledge her mental state sends Libby deeper into a psychosis that threatens harm on the entire family.