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Program 15
OCTOBER 15, 6:00PM 

Nine Miles.jpg
Nine Miles

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Angelique Georges

Producer: Angelique Georges, Andrei Zakow

Cast: Devyn Inez Fusaro, Hillary Sproul, Joel Nagle

Three friends rent a house in coastal East Lyme, Connecticut in an attempt to revive a neglected friendship, but when a peculiar neighbor intrudes, tensions rise and a supernatural force takes hold. Following a fireside telling of the town’s Lyme disease lore, they each begin to experience strange symptoms including a shared vision, none of which they divulge to one another.

Miracle on 74th Street_edited.jpg
Miracle on 74th Street

United States / Comedy / 7 mins

Director: JT Doran

Writer: JT Doran, Alain Martin

Producer: Alain Martin

Cast: Anand Lawkaran, Isa Ebrahim

A clash of reality vs. fantasy ensues when a young, hot-shot actor from Mumbai arrives in Queens, NYC and a day with an older cab driver with a secret.

all through the night.jpg
All Through The Night

United States / Drama / 23 mins

Director/Writer: Graham Marvin

Producer: Lenny Matias, Kenny Silber

Cast: Tim Daly, Luke Slattery, Hayden Bercy

It’s the night before his father, a retired choir conductor with Alzheimer’s, moves into a long-term clinic, and Neil Kelly is determined to stir his dad’s memory while facing his own


United States / Horror / 16 mins

Director: Jon Amiel

Writers: Jon Amiel, Soraya Garré

Producer: Soraya Garré

Cast: Soraya Garré, Imani Hanson, Sophia Center

Kate is haunted by the seemingly malevolent spirit of a teenage boy. But is he really malevolent? Is he real? And who are the other people who seem to appear and disappear at random in her artist’s studio? Kate soon finds herself drawn into a frightening labyrinth, where dreams, nightmares, memory and reality violently collide.

In Too Deep

United Kingdom / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Chris Overton

Writer: James Spillman

Producer: Rachel Shenton, Rebecca Harris, Chris Overton

Cast: Stephen Wight, Rachel Shenton

Mourning the death of his young daughter, a grieving father goes to extreme measures, using A.I technology to relive their fondest memories. A story with an ominous warning to society.

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