Program 14
October 31 - 8:15pm 

Lose It.jpg
Lose It

United States / Horror / 7 mins

Director: AJ Taylor, Maximilian Clark

Writer: AJ Taylor

Producer: AJ Taylor, Ann Lowery

Cast: Akyiaa Wilson, Carla Lerner Montero


The Uncreditied.JPG
The Uncredited

United States / Horror / 12 mins

Director: Nick Burchard

Writers: Nick Burchard

Producer: Sancha Spiller, Kasey Rae

Cast: Georgia Waehler, Brian Dol

After a dead body is discovered in the background of a film she appeared in as a teenager, Isabel's friends become suspicious of her mysterious past.

The Henchman of Notre Dame2.jpg
The Henchman of Notre Dame

United States / Comedy / 12 mins

Director: Timothy Naylor

Writer: Timothy Naylor

Producer: Timothy Naylor

Cast: Kevin Mambo, LeRoy McClain

A tale about the content of one’s character versus their looks, inspirations include: Victor Hugo, Mel Brooks and The Miami Sound Machine.

What Happened Downstairs2_edited_edited.jpg
What Happened Downstairs?

United States / Horror / 16 mins

Director: Andrew Nisinson

Writer: Andrew Nisinson

Producer: Andrew Nisinson, Meilin Gray

Cast: Meilin Gray

While staying at an Airbnb in upstate New York, Robert and May find themselves in a haunted house. The problem is, they can't remember anything that happens downstairs. Strap in for a horror comedy that bends genre, while embracing its core.