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Program 13
OCTOBER 23, 6:00PM 

The Young and The Lunchless.JPG
The Young and The Lunchless

United States / Comedy / 5 mins

Director: Lily-Hayes Kaufman

Writer: Daryn Strauss

Producer: Lloyd Kaufman

Cast: Zoe Geltman, Kate McGarrigle, Tiara Francis

Tracey made her signature sandwich. She wrapped, it, cared for it, placed it behind Stephanie's stinky tunafish sandwich in the office fridge. Now it's gone and no one in the office, not her boss, nor her best friend Brody, not even Human Resources lady has the time of day to advocate for Tracey's lunch. 


United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: John Cappello

Producer: John Cappello, Christine Stoddard, Donna Morales

Cast: Jake Laurence, James Laurence

An artist collaborates with his dementia-addled father on a one-page comic. As they bring this comic to life, they recall flashbacks to key moments in each of their lives.

I won the lottery.JPG
I Won The Lottery...

United States / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Jenn Shaw

Writers: Jenn Shaw, Monique Hazeur

Producer: Monique Hazeur, Danielle Mooney, Similejesu Sonubi

Cast: Keisha Zollar, Raymond Cordova

I Won the Lottery... is a "behind the scenes” mockumentary about the King family and other Brooklyn parents vying to win the lottery. In what they deem as their kids’ only chance at success, the parents struggle in a cut-throat race to get their kids into the prestigious MLK Only Hope Charter any means necessary.

The Duke and Duchess of Queens.jpg
The Duke and Duchess of Queens

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Jezabel Montero

Producer: Margo Singaliese

Cast: Gene Gabriel, Susan Oliveras, Annee Agnello

Childhood sweethearts, James and Delilah, find themselves at a cross roads when James ends up in a hospital and Dee is his only emergency contact. After ten years of lost time, they reminisce and connect with their traumatic, yet nostalgic past, realizing their future together may not be so lost after all.


United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Carly Oscar

Producer: Rachel Brown, Carly Oscar, Maite Elias-Nava

Cast: Mia Sempertegui, Kris Paredes, Melisa Cortese

As she nears her fifteenth birthday, Vic struggles to solidify her personal and cultural identity, caught between family tradition and the desire to fit in with her peers.


Egypt / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Waleed Bedour

Writer: Isabella Jackson

Producer: Ahmed Barbary, Annika Johnson

Cast: Mouna Soualem

When Farida witnesses Eva getting sexually assaulted, she tries to stand up to the harasser. The situation doesn't go as expected.

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