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Program 13
OCTOBER 15, 2:00PM 


China/Vietnam / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Yumei Zhang

Producer: Yumei Zhang

Cast: Ximan Ma

A girl, pushed into an arranged marriage for happiness by her parents, unexpectedly meets a gay man in a similar situation. When she discovers her father's secret, her perception of happiness comes under scrutiny.

All Your Yesterdays.jpg
All Your Yesterdays

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Dini Parayitam

Producer: Prashant Vankamamidi, Dini Parayitam, Kirby Gamel

Cast: Bill Karnovsky, Linda Bradshaw

A husband reveals scathing truths to his wife of 40 years as they downsize and empty their house of possessions with no one to inherit their estate.

Riding Out The Storm

United States / Musical / 15 mins

Director: Bruce Alan Johnson

Writer: Christine Toy Johnson, Michael Mott

Producer: Christine Toy Johnson

Cast: Mimi Bessette, Wade McCollum, Diana Huey

On the day Hurricane Sandy is set to hit Staten Island, a woman must decided whether or not to evacuate the home her late husband built for them. A movie musical short.


United States / Horror / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Olívia Ramos

Producer: Travis Orozco

Cast: Travis Orozco, Travis Orozco, Victoria Ford

When Luiza arrives at her estranged mother, Celia's, new home, she quickly senses something ominous lurking beneath the skin of Celia's new domestic facade.

Finding Lights.jpg
Finding Lights

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Trevor Parenteau

Producer: Rebecca Chiafullo, Trevor Parenteau

Cast: Joe McGowan, Heidi Danae Crane, Collette Liantonio

Lucca Riviera (Joe McGowan), is a beginning musician who believes his talents are worthless when nobody shows up to his concert. He decides to perform anyway, and discovers the power of his music when a young woman stumbles upon his show.

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