Program 13
October 31 - 6:30pm 

Curbside Pickup.JPG
Curbside Pickup

United States / Comedy / 6 mins

Director: Richard Drutman

Writer: Richard Drutman

Cast: Ana-Maria Bandean

An overly opinionated movie store clerk lets her true feelings about a customer's choice in movies slip out, as if she were commenting on social media instead of in real life.

Archive & The Storyteller.jpg
Archive & The Storyteller

United States / Drama / 19 mins

Director: Natasha Marie Rivera

Writer: Seamus Boyle, Natasha Marie Rivera

Producer: Aaron Simms, Boiling River Productions

Cast: Janice Theard, Seamus Boyle

On the brink of human extinction, a young couple struggles to secure a spot on the ‘Archive.’


United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Aidan Kaye

Writers: Aidan Kaye

Producer: Lee Elson, Christos Adrianopoulos

After a breakup, an introverted ice cream truck driver, Giles, sets out to explore a love connection in an overwhelmingly unconnected world.


United States / Suspense / 19 mins

Director: Usher Morgan

Producer: Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent

Cast: Katie Vincent, Sebastian Arcelus

HomeBound is the story of Jamie Rockwell, a woman burdened by severe agoraphobia. After losing her therapy dog, she must muster the courage within, not only to find her dog, but ultimately, to find herself.