Program 12
October 31 - 4:45pm 

It's Alright, dad.JPG
It's Alright, Dad

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Lynn Dow

Writer: Lynn Dow

Producer: Lynn Dow

Cast: Noble B. Whitted, Mathieu Silverman

When a young boy befriends a skateboarder and coaxes him into a nearby church to meet his father, the young man realizes his new found friend has a tragic story.


United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Samina Saifee

Writer: Samina Saifee

Producer: Shubhi Shekhar

Cast: Anaya Joshi, Syna Bhuva

When cool girl Maheen walks through the door at camp AmeriGirl, 11-year-old Aaliyah Khan will do anything to befriend her and finally fit in.

Labor Day.jpg
Labor Day

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Haya Alghanim

Writers: Haya Alghanim

When Dina is invited to spend Labor Day weekend on a trip to the Hudson Valley with a new group of friends, she slowly realizes these women aren’t what they seem to be.

Koreatown Ghost Story.jpg
Koreatown Ghost Story

United States / Comedy / 15 mins

Director: Minsun Park, Teddy Tenenbaum

Writer: Minsun Park, Teddy Tenenbaum

Producer: Minsun Park, Teddy Tenenbaum

Cast: Margaret Cho, Lyrica Okano

In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.

500 calories.jpg
500 calories

Italy / Comedy / 17 mins

Director: Cristina Spina

Writer: Cristina Spina

Cast: Kathleen Chalfant, Yvonne Woods

A human being needs at least 1200 calories a day to live. A woman in the middle of an existential crisis confronts her ballet teacher who had forced her, at the age of 13, to restrict her diet to 500 calories a day.