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Program 12
OCTOBER 15, 1:00PM 


United States / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: C. Fraser Press

Writer: Ashley Bower

Producer: Ashley Bower, Josh Foglio, Kelly Cassinerio

Cast: Maeve Press, Brittany Curran

When a teenager who’s on her way to a post-funeral reception gets stuck in an elevator with a newly single woman in her twenties, the two strangers begin to bond as they realize that their biggest obstacle isn’t that they’re stuck physically — but emotionally.

Natural Disaster.jpg
Natural Disaster

United States / Comedy / 17 mins

Director: Alexandra Spieth

Writer: Kendahl Landreth, Nicole Townsend

Producer: Kendahl Landreth, Nicole Townsend

Cast: Kendahl Landreth, Nicole Townsend

Kendahl has the biggest show of her improv career thus far. Nicole has a fourth date with a man she could like. When their big plans are cancelled by a big storm, will these best friends make it through the night stuck inside together?


Israel / Drama / 27 mins

Director: Sarah Meital Benjamin

Writer: Sarah Meital Benjamin, Batel Zaharaa Mann

Producer: Michal Uchnik

Cast: Swell Ariel Or, Batel Zaharaa Mann

Arava, an introverted yet fierce teenage girl, returns home after spending six months in a secluded rehab facility. She immediately reunites with her old-time troublemaker friend, Tzipi. Despite Arava’s will to keep out of trouble, Tzipi convinces her to embark on a spontaneous trip to a Northern Jewish sanctum in pursuit of a mystical tradition of redemption.

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