Program 11
October 31 - 3:00pm 

Springtime Forever

United States / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Seanie Sugrue

Writer: Seanie Sugrue

Producer: Ashton Clay

Cast: Alix Elias

After the sudden death of her husband, Glady is left to fend for herself in an unrecognizable New York City. At her husband’s funeral she reconnects with her granddaughter, Sophie, and she appears to be her only ally.

Safu - Funge and Sashimi.jpg
Safu - Funge and Sashimi

United States / Web/New Media / 40 mins

Director: Wilson Mbiavanga

Writer: Wilson Mbiavanga, Mari Kawade

Producer: Wilson Mbiavanga, Nergis Senturk

Cast: Natski, Stephen Cofield Jr.

When superstar NY Chef and notorious playboy, James Masala runs away from his successful career and his overbearing traditionalist father he finds himself “crash landing” in Tokyo, Japan with his only belonging, a mysterious old diary called “Safu”.