Program 18
November 1 - 6:30pm 


United States / Drama / 34 mins

Director: Matt Servitto

Writer: Tom Slevin

Producer: Robert Palumbo, Tom Slevin

Cast: Briane Keane, Ezra Knight

Matthew is a drama about a father's struggle to integrate his son back into the family and society after being released from a state psychiatric hospital for a thwarted school shooting.

Silent Notes_edited.jpg
Silent Notes

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Kiki Tsakalakis

Writer: Kiki Tsakalakis

Producer: John McGinty

A misunderstood, deaf, white young man longs to join a black Baptist choir that he secretly admires, in hopes of becoming part of the community.

Take the Vax.jpg
Take the Vax

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Edsta

Writers: Edsta

Producer: Fesal Jaber

Cast: Fesal Jaber, Elijah Jaber

After the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, and people are getting back to their lives, Mark, a vaccine skeptic, soon realizes that he has no other choice but to take the vax.