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Program 20
OCTOBER 24, 10:00PM


United States / Experimental Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Ayoub El Jamal

Producer: Ayoub El Jamal, Mariel Lezzoni, Michael Joseph Murray

Cast: Barbara Thomas

Shortly after losing her life partner, Ava is diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s.

As she continues to navigate through life alone and comes to realize what her condition implies, she decides to take control over what remains of her life.


United States / Experimental / 11 mins

Director: Daryen Ru

Producer: Daryen Ru

Cast: Sara Adams, Maxfield Haynes, Olivia Boisson

Through the power of interpretive movement, seven dancers embody mental health issues to visually manifest the unseen suffering of the mind.

Feel It Again.jpg
Feel It Again

United States / Music Video / 4 mins

Director: Allison Flom

Producer: Allison Flom

Official music video for Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jenny Kern's new single, out May 6 2022.

Timeless Love_edited.jpg
Timeless Love

United States / Dance Romance / 9 mins

Director: Breton Tyner-Bryan

Writer: Simin Vaswani

Producer: Simin Vaswani

A man surrenders to his love for a woman, as she is his inspiration to step fully into his heart and love freely. Initially, the man’s energy is inward, expressing an internal emotional wound. His vast home represents the isolation and emptiness that he feels.

New York Tango.JPG
New York Tango

United States / Music Video / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Pablo Raul

Producer: Pablo Raul, Felix Gamez

Cast: Stephanie Rae Williams

Tango/ballad that explores a failed relationship between an Argentinian American man and an African American woman in New York City


United States / Dance Experimental / 13 mins

Director: Daniel Denegre

Producer: Hazel Jennings

Cast: Jeff Docimo, Chantelle Good, Matilda Sakamoto

At the end of a dying world, two scavengers are running out of options. When they find a way out, one doesn't hesitate to take what she can. But when faced with her victim, she has to decide if her survival is what’s most important.


United States / Music Video / 4 mins

Director: Jean-Luc McMurtry

Writer: Jean-Luc McMurtry, Emily Keefe

Producer: Jean-Luc McMurtry, Emily Keefe

Cast: Emily Keefe, Fawwaz Allie

Cenza explores release from the routines and product oriented mindset of every day life as she transforms into influential film characters from the 20th century.

A Feast That Never Comes.jpg
A Feast That Never Comes

United States / Dance Experimental / 16 mins

Director: Maria Juranic

Writer: Sven Britt

Producer: Rachel Morgan, Sven Britt, Maria Juranic

Cast: John Raffles Durbin, Kayla Farrish, Nico Li

Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal.

The Eight Dissolutions2.JPG
The Eight Dissolutions

United States / Experimental / 5 mins

Director: Arkan Zakharov

Producer: Arkan Zakharov, Erik Bergrin

Cast: Yokko, Clinton Duncan, Maahleek

The Eight Dissolutions explores mortality in the recurring cycle of death and rebirth.

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