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Program 20
OCTOBER 16, 6:00PM

meet los parent+.jpg
Meet Los Parents

United States / Drama / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Joey Medina

Producer: Joey Medina

Cast: Andrea Pazmino, Claude Stuart, Alejandro Patino

A caucasion man is nervous to meet his Mexican girlfriend's parents for the first time.


United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Edgar Jimz, Artemus Cole

Writer: Edgar Jimz

Producer: Edgar Jimz

Cast: Samuel Van Wyk, Edgar Jimz

Governor Robert Smith (45) receives an unexpected visit from an old friend, Jose Martinez (50). Martinez questions Smith's drastic change in values. The two engage in a profound and bitter exchange posing to unravel a devastating truth.

All the Bodies Were Girls.jpg
All the Bodies Were Girls

United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Cece Wheeler

Producer: Nora Marris

Cast: Cara Ronzetti, Cali Scolari, Anne-Marie Cusson

A week after Sarah Graves' body is discovered, her mother sees her on a street corner. In a search for closure, private investigator Lee Crane finds something else.

Black Mike.jpg
Black Mike

United States / Drama / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Mario Corry

Producer: Mario Corry, Roberta Corry, Andrea DelBene

Cast: Mario Corry, Ernest Mingione, Joseph D'Onofrio

Loosely based on a true story. After thirty years in prison Black Mike goes back to his old roots and is finally making money. What he finds is a new world order in life and on the streets where he grew up. Disrespected and threatened by a rising star in the New York City mob, Black Mike, an old school mobster goes to his dark side.

A Shattering.jpg
A Shattering

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Jan Jalenak

Producer: Baby Doll Films, Janet Huey

Cast: Scott Cohen, Kelly Wolf

A carefully constructed marriage implodes when an unexpected call unleashes a fragility and pain that have been simmering for years.

The Watchful Eye of Frank.jpg
The Watchful Eye of Frank

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Marco Adly

Producer: Vincent Accettola, Marco Adly

Cast: Ezriel Kornel, Sammy Rivas, Ela Damaro

An art dealer tries to sell a painting to an old man, with unexpected consequences

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