Program 20
November 1 - 10:00pm

on the sidewalk, at night.JPG
On the Sidewalk, at Night

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Alexander Deland, Jr.

Writer: Alexander Deland, Jr.

Producer: Alexander Deland, Jr.

Cast: Austen Danielle Bohmer, Misha Brooks

Two young artists discover that they share more than just a moment on the sidewalk, at night.

concrete rose.JPG
Concrete Rose

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Khalid Sena

Writer: Ramesh

Producer: Mulberry Queens Films

Cast: Doron Je'Paul Mitchell, Mariko Takai

Marcus a recently released Ex con has difficulties integrating back into his ever-changing community. He quickly becomes enticed to return to his old life but meets an older woman who welcomes him to work in a garden where he finds redemption and peace.


United States / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Ryan Noufer

Writers: Ryan Noufer

Producer: Virgina Ferguson

Cast: Tyler Gentile, Lindsey Dresbach

Ava Trent hunts down a former classmate of hers, Alex Corman, and hires him to make a film for her. She hopes that it will bring the attention of her small home town to the demons she has faced since a troubling high school experience.

christian's lament.JPG
Christian's Lament

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Matt Cooney

Writer: Matt Cooney

Producer: Casey Sincic

Cast: Alice Marcondes, Matt Cooney

A unhappy couple returning home from a friends party engage in a heated argument and use a famous piece of viral audio as a therapeutic mediator.

as i lie awake.JPG
As I Lie Awake

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Benjamin Tomson

Writer: Benjamin Tomson

Producer: Ben Mannarino

Cast: Drew Bialy, Lina D'Amore

A dejected father is subject to the questions of a prying social worker. After enough prodding, he tells her the horrific story of his sleep condition, and how it lead him to attack his young son. When she learns the truth, she inquires as to whether his condition still affects him. This is a question, he simply can't answer... truthfully.