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Program 21
OCTOBER 25, 2:00PM

Thanks Again!.jpg
Thanks Again!

China / Animation / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Yifan Jiang

Producer: Hiroshi Onishi, Yuehan Zhao

Cast: Yifan Jiang

Each character symbolises a tone and appears in front of the vending machines common in the Showa era, forming a melody from memory. As the music ends and people leave, the lone owner says "thanks again" once more.

The Thief.JPG
The Thief

United States / Animation / 3 mins

Director/Writer: Arturo Brena

Producer: Arturo Brena

After stealing a treasure from a nearby castle, a thief in medieval times finds a talisman that actives a magic mirror that confronts her with her early childhood and makes question her current lifestyle.


United States / Animation / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Will Hochman

Producer: Will Hochman

Cast: Will Hochman

A young boy discovers a mysterious stick. With his mother’s help, he plants it in the ground. A short, poetic meditation on time, family, and the healing power of the natural world.

The Boy.jpg
The Boy

United States / Animation / 4 mins

Director: Jonathan Gibney

Producer: Victor Garritano

At the dawn of the Viking era, a young boy yearns to protect his bedridden mother, unable to foresee an onslaught of Vikings, he is thrust into chaos when he loses everything.

99 Pizza.JPG
99¢ Pizza

United States / Animation / 2 mins

Director: Lucas Ansel

Writer: Lucas Ansel, Aidan Burke

Producer: Lucas Ansel

Cast: Lucas Ansel

On a stormy New York City night, a man finds shelter in a small 99¢ pizza shop. However things begin to quickly unravel when he asks for a slice of pizza, and it's revealed that all is not as it seems.

Birthday Wish.jpg
Birthday Wish

United States / Animation / 2 mins

Director: Min Lee

Birthday Wish is a 3D narrative animated short film about a fairy godmother who works digitally. Today is a five years old girl’s birthday so the fairy godmother needs to grant the girl’s wish using her wish tablet. But on this birthday, she is having one small problem.


United States / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Robert Petrie

Writer: Robert Petrie, Angus Kneale

Producer: Angus Kneale, Melanie Wickham, Verity Grantham

The film leans into the sci-fi genre in creating a space of wonder and heroism for young people amidst a time where the world can be a scary place with a lot of fear and uncertainty. Our protagonist Jules looks up to the stars and wonders if we will ever get to explore the worlds and galaxies we are yet to see, or even begin to imagine. Love and exploration are the central themes that bind the story together.

The Last Plaque.jpg
The Last Plaque

United States / Animation / 2 mins

Director: Balázs Simon

Writer: Ron Larson, Diana Krulik-Bentzen, Sara Blank

Producer: British Randle, Donat Aron Ertsey

Launching on World Psoriasis Day, The Last Plaque is an animated short film that takes viewers into a utopian future where plaque psoriasis no longer exists. With a glimpse into what a world without psoriasis looks like, we can start to fully understand the emotional toll of the disease, empathize with sufferers, and grasp the importance of finding a cure.

Little Hurts.jpg
Little Hurts

United States / Animation / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Debra Solomon

Producer: Debra Solomon

Cast: Debra Solomon

An errand at the dry cleaners unleashes a free-for-all of fat-shaming, body image demons and family dieting obsessions.

My Tiny Friends_edited.jpg
My Tiny Friends

United States / Animation / 2 mins

Director: Jiyoung Park

A 3D animation about an artist who does not like her work. The video shows her inner space during her journey of artistic creation. The main character, Sasha, meets cute imaginary creatures that pop out from her imagination. But she destroys them because she doesn't like them. 

The New Yorker presents 2.JPG
The New Yorker Presents: Dear Max

United States / Animation / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Alex Kahn

Producer: Alex Kahn, Ben Altarescu

In “Dear Max,” the filmmaker Alex Kahn interrogates his struggle over whether—and why—he should give his pandemic newborn a bris.

Where Did You Go Little Souls.jpg
Where Did You Go Little Souls?

United States / Animation / 6 mins

Director: Loredana Gasparotto



United States / Animation / 28 mins

Director/Writer: Peter Sluszka

Producer:Peter Sluszka

Cast: Anne Heche

Food and felonies are inseparable in Hardboiled, a stop-motion animated satire of the classic urban American crime drama. Gritty, noir-ish, and absurd, the story follows the exploits of tough-talking detectives Harry and Callaham (an egg and a slice of ham) as they frustrate their boss, an irascible knish, shake down a sleazy bacon pimp, and tangle with a megalomaniacal strawberry.

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