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Program 24
OCTOBER 17, 4:00PM 


United States / Comedy / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Melissa Milligan, Megan Yeager

Producer: Melissa Milligan

Cast: Melissa Milligan, Colin Fisher, Shayna Nash

Based on a true story, a Russian immigrant navigates life as a pregnant cleaning lady in New York City.

On Fumes.jpg
On Fumes

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Zhengyi Liu

Writer: Daniel Weschler, Zhengyi Liu

Producer: Anthony Argento, Siyu Lin

Cast: Gage Law, Justin Krivda, Bob Adrian

Young boy Ben steals his grandpa’s urn for a lonesome “two men” journey in search for a proper burial and a chance to know the man who he never knew. His best aid on the road? Some pocket cash and a 1982 Chevy.

Amy & Ella_edited.jpg
Amy & Ella

United States / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Catriona Rubenis-Stevens

Writer: Jessy Holtermann

Producer: Jessy Holtermann

Cast: Andrea Arvanigian, Jessy Holtermann

"Amy & Ella" is a comedic short about two best friends who have just moved in together. We meet them as they complete the set up of their apartment. The two women go to celebrate, but finding that there is only one cookie left, they begin to fight and hidden resentments and frustrations come out.

Title 26_edited.jpg
Title 26

United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Christopher Ortega

Writer: Hannibal Romero

Producer: JIG Reel Studios, Hannibal Romero

Cast: Hannibal Romero, Maria Jose Delgado, Ken Gregory

A father is faced with a difficult decision when he gets audited by the IRS. He can either live in constant fear of getting caught, or he can come clean and face prison - leaving his family behind.

Let the dogs howl_edited.jpg
Let the Dogs Howl

United States / Drama / 31 mins

Director/Writer: Christian Dioulo

Producer: Arantxa Ibarra

Cast: Christopher Mcvay, Shaterrica Hyder, Spencer Sleyon

A raw, stylish city slick tale of three friends looking for a night of excitement.

Zero Hour

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Ali Ahmed

Producer: Ali Ahmed

Cast: Ali Ahmed, Tyler Clinton, Cruz Cordero, Olivia Freer

After a fledgling undercover cop messes up a long-term operation, the hunt for the rat begins. To prove he is capable of making things right, he attempts one final "leap of faith" to try to finish the mission before time runs out.

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