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Program 24
OCTOBER 25, 8:00PM 

Launch at Paradise_edited.jpg
Launch at Paradise

United States / Thriller / 15 mins

Director: Carrie Ann Quinn

Writer: Daniel Mitura

Producer: David M. Night Maire

Cast: Catherine Curtin, Zainab Jah, Lauren Schaffel

The lines between life and death become blurred for John as he takes the risk to live forever.

Dodge is Dead.jpg
Dodge is Dead

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Kendall McKinnon

Writer: Madeleine Mackenzie Joyce, Kendall McKinnon

Producer: José Espinosa, Madeleine Joyce, Tatiana Fenner

Cast: Sohina Sidhu, Madeleine Mackenzie Joyce, José Espinosa

A whimsical comedy about grief, Dodge is Dead follows two women as they attempt to honor a departed friend, only to find their plans disrupted by an unassuming bachelor party.

The Image of The Fox.jpg
The Image of The Fox

United States / Animation / 4 mins

Director: Alec Iselin

The Image of The Fox is a film that explores the transformations of a mysterious gray matter as it constructs and deconstructs haunting sculptures


United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Ricardo Sean Thompson

Producer: Hanna Dzaferovic

Cast: Georgie Exinord, Greg Mays, Stephanie SunWoo Ha

With the aid of her best friend, a high school senior conducts a series of elaborate scams towards paying for college and escaping her troubling home life.


United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Haley Geffen

Writer: Adam Reid

Producer: Nikki Horowitz, Joanna Chacon, Benjamin Tretout

Cast: Kim Exum, Ian Poake, Tameishia Peterson

What begins as an ordinary night in the Mexican-French Cantina proves to be anything but. Benjamin welcomes Kim, a regular who he shares a special relationship and the last to take a seat before the kitchen closes. What happens next is an experience only Ben himself could serve: Unexpected, Full of flavor, and not to be forgotten.


Germany / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Severine Reisp

Producer: Severine Reisp

Cast: Dandara Amorim Veiga, Marty Lawson

Deceive tells the story of Amira, a Brazilian ballerina who comes to New York to pursue her dreams but gets caught up in a web of lies of a manipulative tycoon. Amira is strong, and tells the story from her point of view.

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