Program 25
November 2 - 10:00pm 

American Refugees.jpg
American Refugees

United States / Comedy / 6 mins

Director: Willem Holzer

Writer: Anthony DiMieri

Producer: Kareem Rahma, Chiara Gerek

Cast: Anthony DiMieri, Kareem Rahma

Two travel-banned Americans facing dwindling prospects of solving any of their country's political crises set their sights on the European promised land.

How to be a Super Driver.jpg
How To Be a Super Driver

United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director: Romie Decosta

Writer: Cyrus Daruwala, Romie Decosta

Producer: Romie Decosta

Cast: Romie Decosta, Danielle Boivin

A how-to video and a reality check on what it takes to be a rideshare driver in New York City.

On The Table.jpg
On The Table

United States / Comedy / 33 mins

Director: Diana Arnold, Nick Canfield

Writers: Diana Arnold

Producer: Diana Arnold, Nick Canfield

Cast: Diana Arnold, Claire Tyers

On The Table is a blend of film, theater, and the dining experience. Breaking the fourth wall, Diana Arnold carries us with her from table to table during a busy night at work in the service industry.

I Mustache You_edited.jpg
I Mustache You

United States / Comedy / 14 mins

Director: Shara Ashley Zeiger

Writer: Shara Ashley Zeiger

Producer: Shara Ashley Zeiger

Cast: Shara Ashley Zeiger

A whimsical magical realistic comedy, inspired by Buster Keaton, Looney Tunes, and NYC about Abby, a woman with social anxiety, OCD and agoraphobic tendencies who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.