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Program 25
OCTOBER 25, 10:00PM 


United States / Comedy / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Vadim Egoul

Producer: Vadim Egoul

Cast: Claire St. Marie, Matthew James Fagerberg, Bianca Kenna

In a not-so-distant future where technology uses our data to dictate everyday choices, an app-suggested date sparks an unexpected connection.

Vintage Deluxe.jpg
Vintage Deluxe

United States / Dark Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Kyle Mara

A string of Craigslist deals surrounding a vintage guitar amplifier go south...for everyone.

The Punch of Respect.JPG
The Punch of Respect

United States / Comedy / 25 mins

Director: Taylor Rosen

Cast: McKaley Miller, Jackson Pace, Joe Ando-Hirsh

In the late 70's, the controversial Sensei Toby Masterson amassed a cult like following from a series of VHS martial arts lessons, in which he alludes to a very sought after technique. Twenty years later, two dedicated and self taught students, Duncan and Cody, drag along their friend Mo in search of Lesson 100 aka The Punch of Respect.

Full Disclosure.jpg
Full Disclosure

United States / Comedy / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Mia Rovegno

Producer: Mia Rovegno, Emma Kanter

Cast: Charise Greene, Ryan Pater

What begins as a seemingly benign date between Darleen and Trent catapults forward as two strangers travel the span of a relationship inside one stream-of-consciousness conversation. Things get real as they disclose their deepest, darkest secrets of American privilege, existential despair and moral depravity.

The Coolest Club.jpg
The Coolest Club

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Sheng Ting Shen

Producer: Sheng Ting Shen

Cast: Guy Ventoliere, Daniel McHenry, Demingo Graham

Simon, an average video game nerd, is struggling to be seen in this world. He joins a support group: The Coolest Club. The other three club members are all weird in their way, which is way "cooler" than normie Simon. But the day comes for Simon to prove that he is indeed "cool" enough.

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