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Program 26
OCTOBER 26, 2:00PM 

The Grey in Between_edited.jpg
The Grey in Between

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Maia Nikiphoroff

Writer: Maia Nikiphoroff

Producer: Austin Iredale, Maia Nikiphoroff

Cast: Austin Iredale, Maia Nikiphoroff

Three months after their break-up, Lei can’t stop dreaming of Ian, so she invites him to the site of their first date to finally admit to him why, while not so subtly wrapping him up in her latest video project.

Final Curtain Call.jpg
Final Curtain Call

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Juliana Roth

Producer: Juliana Roth

Cast: Natalie Kastner

A gifted young organist in the 1920s grows up to play at Radio City Music Hall.

The Clown Affair.jpg
The Clown Affair

United States / Drama / 38 mins

Director: Wesley Foster

Writer: Joseph Martinsen, Wesley Foster

Producer: Jacob van Winkle

Cast: Holly Anne Frink, Joseph Martinsen, Diana Breton

A mute clown encounters a bizarre world of characters after he’s tasked with delivering flowers to a woman in town. His simple task unfolds into a journey of personal transformation as he navigates a traumatic relationship with his mother, a growing flame for the waitress at the local bar, and of course, his inability to speak.

Up There.JPG
Up There

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Scott Kalberer

Cast: Eric Svendsen, Lee Tyler

Bobby witnesses a high stakes incident in Midtown.

The Birthday Party.jpg
The Birthday Party

United States / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Nadia Anderson

Writer: Nadia Anderson, Daniel Peterson

Producer: Chronicle Media Lab

Cast: Egle Petraityte, Shane Allen

Hoping to make a comeback after months of lockdown, Phil's plan for a socially distanced birthday party turns into a socially awkward celebration.

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