Program 26
November 3 - 3:00pm 

How Can I Reach You.JPG
How Can I Reach You?

United States / Documentary / 7 mins

Director: Peter Davenport

Writer: Peter Davenport

Producer: Peter Davenport

Cast: Vlado Nedkov, Peter Davenport

Months of quarantine confinement strains the connections within a family as each member attempts to carve out his own space while never leaving each other's company or the stifling boundaries of their New York City apartment.

scary times.jpg
Scary Times

United States / Documentary / 6 mins

Director: Connie Honeycutt, Kellan Davidson

Producer: Connie Honeycutt, Kellan Davidson

In Scary Times, a “ghost town” comes to life. This short documentary explores one neighborhood’s resolve to save Halloween. By embracing the holiday in all of its charm, we meet residents as the kids see them and explore what made this day unique.

All We Have.JPG
All We Have

United States / Documentary / 33 mins

Director: Matt Battaglia

Producer: Matt Battaglia

Cast: Fred Urban, Amber Urban

The pandemic lockdowns have taken their toll on mom and pop shops across the country. For Schnitzel Haus in Brooklyn, NY, it’s been a year of mandated closures, reduced capacity, dwindling sales, and more regulations than ever before.