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Program 30
OCTOBER 26, 10:00PM 

Everthing is Cinema.JPG
Everything is Cinema

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: David Lombroso

Producer: Tymon Brown

Cast: Sean Fosse, Georgia Warner, Lorenzo Benitez

When a desperate filmmaker's attempt to make a movie is interrupted by what sounds like a murder in the apartment upstairs, he decides–-for the sake of cinema–-to keep the camera rolling and investigate.

Hunter Is F**ked

United States / Comedy / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Rick Mowat

Producer: Marty Grabstein, Paula Landry

Cast: Marty Grabstein, Megan MaGee

This quirky, black comedy short portrays a day in the life of the iconic gonzo journalist - Hunter S Thompson.
His savage humor laced with achingly poignant observations about the human condition make this brilliant writer more relevant than ever... in a world gone awry.


United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writers: Thomas Dalais

Producer: Alam Virk

Cast: Arash Mokhtar, Conner Wilson, Tess Lancaster

A beloved self-help guru deals with his crumbling personal life moments before giving a seminar to his adoring followers


United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Tiancheng Bao

Producer: Tiancheng Bao, Alan Chan, Jack Ho

Cast: Jeremy Lister

Bradley receives a new job from Mr. Green to investigate if his wife is cheating on him. Things seem to be going well, but Bradley is unaware of the danger that is approaching. Larry and Jerry are suffering from paying back the money borrowed from Mr. Green. They are unaware that the way they choose to make money will affect the life of other people.


United States / Drama/ 6 mins

Director/Writer: Yaron Lotan

Producer: Yaron Lotan, Kennedy Davey, Nadine Lübbeling

Cast: Juliana Canfield, Rachel Leslie, Yaron Lotan

On a late night subway ride, a struggling comedian faces her doubts.

First Date.jpg
First Date

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Z. W. Amundson

Producer: Michael Marchand

Cast: Robert Morgan

It is love at first sight when Rob meets Lee online, that is, until Lee stands Rob up on their first in-person date. With everything in question, Rob must then decide if he will let it go or confront Lee and fight for the relationship he has longed for.

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