Program 31
November 4 - 3:00pm 

A Year Of Sundays.jpg
A Year Of Sundays

United States / Experimental / 3 mins

Director: Dameme Jeremie

Producer: Dameme Jeremie, Ava Mihaljevich

Cast: Juliet Doherty

Exploring our relationship to the creative process at a time when the days seem to stretch on forever, and inspiration and joy seem all too scarce, A Year Of Sunday’s follows Juliet Doherty as she strives to fill the moments.

only living boy.jpg
Only Living Boy

United States / Dance / 5 mins

Director: Rachel Leigh Dolan

Writer: Kat Lee, Rachel Leigh Dolan

Producer: Rachel Leigh Dolan

Cast: Christine Shepard, Tiger Darrow

A love/hate story for New York is a dance narrative about the duality of being an artist in the city. We are equally inspired and disparaged at the same time.

When Snow Falls.JPG
When Snow Falls

United States / Dance / 10 mins

Director: Anthony Morigerato

Writers: Anthony Morigerato

Producer: Anthony Morigerato, Jess Weiss

Cast: Ted Louis Levy, Barbara Duffy

The best things happen while you are dancing! The holidays celebrated through music and dance!


United Kingdom / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Tom Haines

Writer: Tom Haines

Producer: Natalia Guarín

Cast: Barry Ward, Anoushka Lucas

Barry Ward and Anoushka Lucas star in this dramedy about a small time music manager, Ray, about to make it big with singer-songwriter Cas as she prepares to play her break-out gig. 

Sea Beyond the Glitz.jpg
Sea Beyond The Glitz

United States / Documentary / 15 mins

Director: Anna Maité Kaplan

Producer: Anna Maité Kaplan

Cast: Bruce Beckwith, John Beckwith

On the East End of Long Island, a tenacious group of fishermen struggle to preserve a centuries-old way of life.