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Program 31
OCTOBER 27, 2:00PM 

Dear Claire.JPG
Dear Claire

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Evan Joseph Cerniglia

Producer: Jessica Luya, Sam Kaminer, Astro Rys

Cast: Anna Andersen, Evan Joseph Cerniglia, Madeline Joey Rose

Years after his father’s suicide and approaching graduation, Nick Adams pens a letter to his old high school girlfriend.

Through Open Doors.jpg
Through Open Doors

United States / Drama / 21 mins

Director: Mark Riccadonna

Writer: Raven Petretti-Stamper

Producer: Hannah Beck, Sean Hoagland, Raven Petretti-Stamper

Cast: Hannah Beck, Sean Hoagland

Returning home after a year away, a jetlagged Charlie walks into the wrong apartment and has a chance encounter with a handsome stranger. Their mutual attraction and undeniable chemistry has a hitch, though: It is her apartment and he’s been living there.

Double Zero.jpg
Double Zero

United States / Thriller / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Pat Bradley

Producer: Pat Bradley, Jamie Ragusa, Melissa Morse

Cast: Jamie Ragusa, Casey Sullivan, Caroline Anderson

After botching a job for the most ruthless crime boss in NYC, two women must play a game of modified Russian Roulette to survive.


United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Michael Kim

Producer: Sofia Ortega

Cast: Celia Kenney, Rick J. Koch

A daughter and father, Celine and Jeff, are both conductors and get into a fight when auditions go poorly.

A Bellevue Love Story.JPG
A Bellevue Love Story

United States / Romance / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Michael Wolfe

Producer: Michael Wolfe

Cast: Chelsea Yakura-Kurtz, Colin Bates, Alfredo Diaz

When a manic and a depressive begin a hospital romance, it forces us to question everything we thought we knew about medicine and everything we want to believe about the healing power of love.

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