Program 34
November 4 - 8:15pm 

NEUL未知ND (The Unknown)

United States / Drama / 3 mins

Director: Eddie Shieh

Writer: Eddie Shieh

Producer: Eddie Shieh, Christiane Seidel

Cast: Josephine Huang, James Chen

A conflicted American-Born-Chinese waitress conflicted by her identity is thrusted into an unimaginable life by a mysterious man in a black limo.


United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Trevor McGhie

Writer: Trevor McGhie

Producer: Trevor McGhie

Cast: Trevor McGhie, Francis Mancho

A spiritual journey to the past where a troubled young man experiences first hand the struggles his ancestors endured, challenging him to change his ways and better his community... instead of destroy it.

Training Day.JPG
Training Day

United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Kunga Choephel

Writers: Tony Spiridakis

Producer: Mahattan Film Institute

Cast: Thomas Duverné, Ben Irving

A young man's last day as a motel housekeeper gets turned upside down when he and his trainee discovers a dead body.

Fig Jam.jpg
Fig Jam

United States / Romance / 22 mins

Director: Frank J. Avella

Writer: Frank J. Avella

Producer: Ashley Garrett

Cast: Carlotta Brentan, Alex Haynes

While on lockdown, Brenda invites Teddy over for a late night hookup. One of the two is a bit more apprehensive and paranoid than the other and is keeping more than one secret. Will carnal lust or fear win out?

In Sync.jpg
In Sync

United States / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Eddie Shieh

Writer: Kira McCarthy, Andy Zou

Producer: Eddie Shieh, Josephine Huang

Cast: Josephine Huang, Vin Kridakorn

A young couple walk a fine line while thriving in an open marriage until they catch each other breaking the rules.

Sound of Silence_edited.jpg
Sound of Silence

United States / Music Video / 4 mins

Director: Nicole Philippidis

Cast: Steven Delopoulos, John Philippidis

Musicians Steven Delopoulos and John Philippidis (formerly known as Burlap to Cashmere) take on the classic Simon and Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence". Shot in Greenwich Village, NYC during the pandemic lockdown in the fall of 2020, the music video takes the viewer through the streets during a time of great uncertainty and social unrest.