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Program 35
OCTOBER 27, 10:00PM 

Open House.jpg
Open House

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Tom Sidi

Producer: Ethan Romaine, Tom Sidi

Cast: Julie Reifers, Zihan Zhao

An eccentric real estate agent conducts the open house she was hoping she would never need to.

Meet Natasha.jpg
Meet Natasha

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Antonio Oliveros-Nikol

Writer: Antonio Oliveros-Nikol, Ian Oliveros-Nikol

Producer: Antonio Oliveros-Nikol

Cast: Jarred Harper, Ankah Bello, Samuel Lee Roberts

A man hires an actress to play his girlfriend during a family dinner, but his plans go awry when she decides to go off-script

Two Anxious Bisexuals.jpg
Two Anxious Bisexuals

United States / Comedy / 25 mins

Director: Megan A. Zebrowski

Writers: Megan A. Zebrowski, Marie Incontrera, Dianne Gebauer

Producer: Marie Incontrera

Cast: Cat Greenfield, Casie Girvin, Adam B. Shapiro

Dianne and Marie, two 30-something aspiring comedians, are tricked into a blind date. Invite anxiety to the table - literally. After a disastrous evening, they’re each happy never to see the other again, until they both need roommates. Will it be love at second sight, a debacle to forget, or will friendship take them “bi” surprise?


United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Molly Wheat

Writer: Molly Wheat, Valerie Polston

Producer: Molly Wheat, Valerie Polston

Cast: Valerie Polston, Mark Ashin

Two exes, Annie and Henry, take a moment to see where each other is now.

It's Not You, It's Your Vagina.jpg
It's Not You, It's Your Vagina

United States / Comedy / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Molly Densmore

Producer: Dolly Mensmore Productions

Cast: Molly Densmore, Alex Greif

Two besties quarantining during the pandemic decide if they can make a go at more than a friendship.

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