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Program 36
OCTOBER 19, 8:00PM 

the visit.jpg
The Visit

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Sean Patrick Folster

Writer: Eric Jay Maierson

Producer: Eric Jay Maierson

Cast: Matthew James Thomas, Sarah Baskin

A man. A woman. An afternoon that could make all the difference.

Fundamental Shapes.jpg
Fundamental Shapes

United States / Comedy / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Colin Alistair Campbell

Producer: Jonathan DiMaio

Cast: Colin Alistair Campbell, Smitha Ram, Steve Held

Jacob, an unemployed actor, stumbles into an unusual gig: nude figure model for a fine arts class. When his next-door neighbor turns up, he must find a way to keep his identity hidden, and their budding romance intact. A gentle romantic comedy about vulnerability, surprising coincidences, and the unexpected ways we find love.

Untitled Floating Mom Short.jpg
Untitled Floating Mom Short

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Aidan Guynes

Producer: Chris Cole

Cast: Thea Henry, Rew Starr, Michael Short

A girl's mother has started to levitate unconsciously. At the same time, the girl grapples with an unusually optimistic doctor's visit

Martyr of a Forgotten Dream.jpg
Martyr of a Forgotten Dream

United States / Action / 24 mins

Director/Writer: Benjamin Rummans

Producer: Seika Paradeis

Cast: Charlie McElveen, Duke Lafoon, Daniel O'Brien

In a small town somewhere in the Rust-Belt, Leon is forced surrender his Family home to foreclosure. On eviction day he must decide, leave or go down fighting.

Welcome to Afrotree.jpg
Welcome to Afrotree

United States / Thriller / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Chase Parker

Producer: Chase Parker, Greg Rhem

Cast: Charlie Q Smith, Wilson Christopher, Tra'lynn Husbands

Steven and Janet are fed up with gentrification, whitewashing, and code switching in the big city. They move to Afrotree, an experimental, gated community populated by only African-American residents. Their dream of living in a cultural oasis suddenly becomes a nightmare when they discover they might not be “Black” enough.

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