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Program 9
OCTOBER 14, 6:00PM 

On the Margin.jpg
On the Margin

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Andy Long

Producer: Yumang Han, Xinying Lao, Alex Bendo

Cast: Steve Lin, Fenton Li, Tess Pargas

The film follows a Chinese deliveryman Kaiwen Wong as he navigates the gritty streets of Brooklyn while trying to make sense of his own inner landscape as an immigrant. Between his degrading treatment at work and his emotionally inept court-ordered shrink, Kaiwen is a ticking time bomb. 

AJ's Story_edited.jpg
AJ's Story

United States / Drama / 27 mins

Director: Leon, Christina Richardson

Writer: Orsen Reyes, Darhendrick Castro, Patrick Pyne

Producer: Ana Ugrekhelidze, Leon, Christina Richardson

Cast: Jesse Singleton, Israel Oyedapo, Vegas Chiddick

A bi-racial teenager living in the Bronx in search of his biological father, faces tragedy that could split up foster home family.

Glimpse of Childhood.jpg
Glimpse of Childhood

United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Nizami Murtuzayev

Producer: Ohia Morrison, Grace Ward

Cast: Justine Colan, Alessandra Eelen, David Nash

On her birthday, a young girl finds herself in the company of a guilt-ridden and emotionally detached family, where each member grapples with personal challenges in an attempt to rise above their troubles.

The Housewife.jpg
The Housewife

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Jeremiah Kipp

Writer: Kelly A. Turner

Producer: Lisa Laing, Kelly A. Turner, Jennifer Plotzke

Cast: Kelly A. Turner, Brendan Riley, Michael Crowe

In this proof-of-concept for a feature, a disillusioned housewife regains her power after she and her son are placed in mortal danger.

A Small Planet.jpg
A Small Planet

United States / Thriller / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Joseph Nell

Producer: Joseph Nell, Sam Millstein

Cast: Christian Mallen, Jen Parker Davis, Cameron Hutt

A bloodstained carpet and a pointed remark from his girlfriend fracture Jamie's masculinity, leading him to purchase a clandestine service that he believes will save his relationship.

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