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Film Retrospective 
OCTOBER 25, 1:00PM

Kim Magnusson 

 Retrospective of producer/director Kim Magnusson recipient of seven Academy Awards® nominations and three Oscar® wins for short films.

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Kim Magnusson


Film Retrospective of Kim Magnusson

In 1995 he founded M&M Productions with his father, Tivi Magnusson. He has produced more than 140 films. He has been Oscar® nominated in the category “Live Action Short Film” seven times and won the coveted award 3 times, in1999 for Election Night and This Charming Man in 2002 and again in 2014 for Helium. Kim is a voting member of AMPAS® and both The Danish and The European Film Academy. 


Denmark / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Nicolaj Kopernikus

Producer: Kim Magnusson

Cast: Jesper Christensen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Lars Ranthe, Patricia Schumann

Jørn is trying to get his father’s attention and love. He loves music. This is where he finds joy and happiness, but his father fails to see his talent. As an old man Jørn discovers that the music can set him free from his past. 

Election Night.jpg
Election Night

1998 / Denmark / Drama / 11 min

Director:/Writer: Anders Thomas Jensen

Producers: Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson

Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Jens Jørn Spottag, John Martinus

On his way to the polls, an idealist yet absent-minded voter must endure continuous waves of racist cab drivers and their offensive remarks.

This Charming Man.jpg
This Charming Man

2002 / Denmark / Comedy / 30 mins

Director: Martin Strange-Hansen

Writers: Flemming Klem, Martin Strange-Hansen

Producers: Mie Andreasen, Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson

Cast: Martin Buch, Camilla Bendix

Lars Hansen is in a job training program. He finds a potential job at a print shop, but his paperwork gets mixed up with an El Hassan. He is scheduled for a Danish class, since he's apparently an immigrant, but is unable to get the mixup fixed. When he learns that the new teacher, Ida, will have the class canceled and lose her job.


2013 / Denmark / Drama / 23 min

Director: Anders Walter

Writers: Christian Garnst Miller-Harris
Anders Walter

Producers: M&M Productions

Cast: Casper Crump, Pelle Falk Krusbæk
Marijana Jankovic

A young boy Alfred is dying, but through the stories about HELIUM - a magical fantasy world, told by the hospital's eccentric janitor Enzo, Alfred regain the joy and happiness of his life, and finds a safe haven away from daily life.

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