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Program 10
OCTOBER 14, 8:00PM 

Emmity Djinn.jpg
Emmity Djinn

Mauritania / Drama / 19 mins

Director: Mohamed Echkouna

Writer: Mohamed Echkouna, Connor Syrios

Cast: Mokhtar N'Diaye Gueye, Zainabou Ahmed Mohamed

A matriarch is forced to confront a malevolent djinn that once haunted her past. A Djinn folktale reimagined.

A Day In February.jpg
A Day In February

United Kingdom / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Klaas Diersmann

Writer: Alexandra Bahiyyih Wain

Producer: Klaas Diersmann

Cast: Daria Panchenko, Ivantiy Novak

In another country, separated from her family, one phone call is all Galyna has to ensure their safety.

Una Carta a Mis Hijas

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: JT Doran

Writers: JT Doran, Alain Martin

Producer: Alain Martin

Cast: Antigona Gonzalez

An undocumented mother, living in NYC, struggles with her pursuit of the American dream as she writes a letter to the children she left back home.

Color Him Son.jpg
Color Him Son

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Chandler Crump

Producer: Chandler Crump, Sofia Bara

Cast: Jaylen Stapleton, Gigi Gilles, Jamaal Williams

On the morning of his 18th birthday, Caleb must reckon with the impending return of his father from prison.

The Product.jpg
The Product

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Phillip Vernon

Producer: Michael Stanziale

Cast: Ryan Hemstock, Taylor Callahan, Kevin Bencosme

When an ambitious entrepreneur’s healthcare startup is denied funding, he’ll resort to anything to save his company – but first he’ll need to prove his invention is even operational.


United States / Drama / 8 mins

Director: Josh Ricks

Writer: Cristina Kinon

Producer: Josh Ricks, Cristina Kinon

Cast: Emma Smith Watts, Kaylee Bryant, Shyrley Rodriguez

JACKPOT follows three Gen-Z besties in New York City who love to have fun, but are broke AF until one boozy night and one very lucky Powerball ticket!


United States / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Johnathan McClain

Producer: Emma Maltby, Noel Poyner

Cast: Bellamy Young, Emma Maltby

An aging actress meets with a up-and-coming director in the hope she can once again find a place in a world that has moved forward while leaving her behind.

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