Program 10
October 30 - 10:00pm 

When This All Ends_edited.jpg
When This All Ends

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Jordan Sommerlad

Writer: Cory Stonebrook

Producer: Jordan Sommerlad, Cory Stonebrook

Cast: Lizzy Miller, Tiffany Trainer

Two sisters pontificate on the lives they could have led while observing the current guest staying in their family's vacation home in upstate New York.

Something Borrowed.jpg
Something Borrowed

United States / Comedy / 9 mins

Director: Lydia Bottom

Writer: Lydia Bottom, Corey Wallace

Producer: Corey Wallace

Cast: Maya Koenig, Sawyer Spielberg

A neighborhood in Brooklyn "borrows" an old truck.

In Max We Trust.jpg
In Max We Trust

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Sheldon Chau

Writers: Sheldon Chau, Tom Castelazo

Producer: Calla Videt, Ashley Michel Hoban

Cast: Ethan Peck, Charlotte Taschen

Max Bryson is the hottest ticket in town as his upstart hedge fund takes the New York financial world by storm. Riding high from his success and true to his underdog nature, Max decides to explore his passion for the arts and sets his sight on supporting unknown artists.


United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Colleen Dodge

Writer: Colleen Dodge

Producer: Andrew Wonder, Michelle Moretta

Cast: Jane Stiles

“Polished” is a vulnerable glimpse into the decisions - from simple to complex - a young woman must make while navigating through a busy work day in New York City.

Good Time.JPG
Good Time

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Kingy Wong

Producer: Kingy Wong

Cast: Corey Calliet, Kate Duffy

Story that shows you the fact that relationships are about work & empathy not just good times. [Been there, Done that]