Program 8
October 30 - 6:30pm 


United States / Drama / 4 mins

Director: Claire Dub

Writer: Claire Dub

Cast: Mia Jessup, Marc Phillipe Eskenazi

On her one-year anniversary with Clark, Nell attempts to write a romantic poem. The task proves impossible... until Nell finds a way to tap into her true inspiration.

Yo Andrea.jpg
Yo Andrea

United States / Romance / 7 mins

Director: Brian Russell

Writer: Mike Boland

Producer: Mike Boland, Brian Russell

Cast: Mike Boland, Tonya Cornelisse

A middle-aged man hatches a plan to win the woman of his dreams.


United States / Comedy / 19 mins

Director: Natalia Curea

Writers: Natalia Curea

Producer: Cardboard Llama

Cast: Al Pagano, Dasha Dakkuri

Alfred, a middle-aged party clown leads a somewhat artistic life in New York City, but it’s not quite what he imagined in his youth. As he gets older, Alfred begins to question whether he has failed to achieve his dreams, and compare himself to a former college friend who seems to have it all.

Silent Partner.jpg
Silent Partner

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Aristotle Torres

Writer: Aristotle Torres, Roderick Lawrence

Producer: Salma Qarnain Shaw, Roderick Lawrence

Cast: Roderick Lawrence, Michael Park

Silas Jones is an accomplished, Black trial attorney on the cusp of making partner at a white-shoe law firm. Upon successfully defending a white woman charged with murdering a Black teen, Silas comes to a crossroads with his wife Kosi, an equally accomplished professor, as they prepare to attend the firm’s celebration. As the night progresses, Silas questions the legitimacy of his promotion. 

Hey Mama!.JPG
Hey Mama!

United States / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Pepper Binkley, Delavega

Writer: Pepper Binkley

Producer: Pepper Binkley, Delavega

Cast: Lindsey Broad, Ashley Williams

As strangers stop her to offer advice, a woman, two weeks over due, desperately wants to go into labor, but some things are out of her control.