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Program 8
OCTOBER 22, 6:00PM 

Nike Feels.JPG
Nike Feels

United States / Commercial / 1 min

Director: Andy Currie

Writer: Deanna Director

Producer: Deanna Director

Cast: Max Emerson

Commercial parody for Nike shoes designed to help you outrun your problems.

So Good to See You.JPG
So Good to See You

United States / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Justin Alexander Gonçalves

Writer: Justin Alexander Gonçalves, Walker Rutter-Bowman

Producer: Justin Alexander Gonçalves, Jackie Todd

Cast: Annie Hägg

After a chance encounter with the one that got away, Walter gets a second opportunity to show off a new version of himself.

Rocket Boy.JPG
Rocket Boy

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writers: Michael Reilly Mango

Producer: Richard Chenel, Anvitia Brahmbatt, Michael Reilly Mango

Cast: David Dotterer, Matthew Vitkosky

To cheer up his dying grandfather, Mikey sets out on a journey with his homemade rocketship to take his grandfather to space.

Women and Elephants.jpg
Women and Elephants

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Barbara Stepansky

Writer: Marlowe Holden

Producer: Marlowe Holden, Justin Ambrosino

Cast: Marlowe Holden, Scott Thomas

Gwen and Paul are life-loggers and life partners locked inside during a global shutdown until Gwen discovers a blip in her life and must leave. Trouble ensues when she doesn't make it out the door but instead ends up right where she started as the days bleed together and reality crosses wires with dreams. Is Gwen simply forgetting? Or is there something more sinister happening?

Sammy Waits For A Call.jpg
Sammy Waits For A Call

United States / Comedy / 22 mins

Director/Writer: Gregg Cameron Kearns

Producer: Vincent Krohn, Nabil Elbehri, Daniel V Masciari

Cast: Gregg Cameron Kearns, Daniel V. Masciari

Stuck in a small motel in upstate New York with his best friend Frank, Sammy waits for a phone call from a woman he met at the laundromat, the anticipation in which causes him to question the reality around him.

Through the Stars_edited.jpg
Through the Stars

United States / Drama / 17 mins

Director: Ariel Danziger

Writer: Ryan Marth

Producer: Lisa Carr, Ryan Marth, Alex Knapp

Cast: Mya Hudson, Jack Welshons

Under the cover of darkness, a teenage girl attempts to escape her tormented reality, determined to find her missing father with the help of her best friend and a mysterious device.

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